The Reasons to Use the Keefe Group

There are tons of people right now using the Keefe Group services. The Keefe Group is a prison communication service system that has been around for many years. It is one of the leading communication options for those who are behind bars because of its ease of use and affordability. Due to the different people using the Keefe Group, it has recently gone through a commissary merger to incorporate more safety and security into its features. This is a company you can and should use for yourself if you would like to make the most out of it and know that it’s a company that is going to provide you and your loved ones with better communication options.


The Keefe Group has received tons of overwhelming positive reviews by those who have actually made use of the service itself. Because of these reviews, it can give you some insight into why you might want to make use of the program yourself. These reviews talk about how easy the Keefe Group has been for them to use, even if they are not used to using a program like this and are totally new to downloading it to their computer. Other reviews talk about how affordable the Keefe Group has made its features and why they love using the program each and every day to keep in touch with friends and relatives.


No matter what you’re looking to use the Keefe Group for, you need to give it a try for yourself and read some of the reviews that have been written on the company itself. Once you see why the program is as popular as it is, you’ll find that it helps you to get your communication back with the ones you lost it with months or even years ago. The Keefe Group is a great service to those who need it, and by reading some of the reviews on the program, you’ll see just why it is as used as it is and why a lot of people love the Keefe Group company for all that it is able to offer.


The Keefe Group – Joining Forces With Trinity

H.I.G. Capital (owner of Trinity Services Group – a commissary operator) is planning to acquire the Keefe Group. These are two of largest players in the correctional market.

Prison and jail commissary rakes in 1.6 billion dollars in sales a year, which is a huge number. As many facilities offer inmates commissary through the Department of Corrections, many facilities decides to outsource their commissary to private companies like the Keefe Group and Trinity.

Because the two companies are privately owned, their profit margin data is hard to find and because of so, the merging of the two largest players in the correctional market may be a bit of concern for the incarcerated, their family members and antitrust controllers.

According to a survey in 2013 by the Association of State Correctional Administrators (ASCA), one-third, of 34 state prison systems that were survey, are in business with a private company of some sought. The majority of privatizations were in county jails. The number of prisons and jails to outsource to private companies are steady on a rise.

As far as profits for contractors are concerned, the number of inmates play a huge role, of course, and as facilities cut their food and subsistence budgets, the incarcerated are now forced to pay out of pocket for those items that prisons/jails now lack. Meaning, before facilities outsourced their food service operations, the incarcerated would have access to many items free of charge through service within a cafeteria. But afterwards, commissary purchases would increase because those free items in which they had the privilege to in the cafeteria were no longer available. As far as this outcome is concerned, many different outcomes result due to outsourcing as well, including: offering free soap to inmates, but making them pay for their toothpaste or, making inmates buy their own underwear. The list goes on.

With this merger, $875 million in annual revenue is possible out of the $1.6 billion total yearly revenue brought in by the commissary market as a whole. As a portion of this $1.6 billion is of government-ran commissary, the merger clearly takes more than 50% of the entire market. However, portions of Trinity’s revenue is derived from non-commissary items.

There are three dominant players in the commissary market: Keefe, Trinity and Aramark. When bidding for contracts, the lowest prices offered of benefit to the incarcerated and their loved ones do not always mean a win for a company, as facilities often receive a commission from private commissary operations. And because less competition will be a factor due to the merger, those facilities that happens to want to negotiate for a fairer pricing system will get the short end of the stick.

Based on the market shares of both companies, it doesn’t appear as though one needs the other as far as capital is concerned. So based on the evidence presented, this merger is just an act to dominate the market.

The incarcerated, the family members of such and those antitrust controllers are in for a bit of a scare. And just maybe antitrust controllers should take a really deep look into the intentions of the merger, maybe they will find out that it would be best to not allow this merge to happen.


About the Keefe Group

The Keefe Group has been in business since 1975 and is definitely a leader in the correctional market. Currently in contract with over 800 prisons/jails nationally – both publicly and privately – and shipping over 25 million pounds a product a month. The Keefe Group deals with commissary items of a large variety, including but not limited to: food, snacks, electronics, personal care items, clothing, music and more.


Customer Reviews

Many Directors of Fiscal Operations are in total appreciation to have the pleasures of working with the Keefe Group. The work relationships are phenomenal and not just within short periods of time, but over the long haul – over 10 years in some cases.

Business managers are completely satisfied with how the Keefe Group simplifies its technology. A real pleasure and joy experienced as a customer of the Keefe Group – many customers have agreed.

Trinity will definitely be a satisfied party to have such a business on their side. And as some commissary items of Trinity aren’t the best tasting – as many customers have agreed – clients of trinity can now add the delectable tastes of the Keefe Group to the mix.


IC Solutions: They Think They Are Too Good For This

If there is one trait I really dislike in a human being, it is arrogance. The people over at IC Solutions are incredibly arrogant. They act as though they are too good for the business they are in, which is an inmate prepaid phone provider. They make a lot of money from it, but they are not making money in a way that anyone would consider fair or even legal. There are rules in society, and it is important that people follow the rules and do the right thing. When given the choice of doing the right thing or the wrong thing, IC Solutions seems to always pick the wrong thing. I think they do it on purpose.


They know they can get away with it and not a single soul out there can stop them or get in their way. If someone were to stop them, I imagine they would have stopped them by now, especially after reading a link like this one. That is a lot of money for a parent to lose in an attempt to reach their son. However, the money is long gone, as IC Solutions has it and good luck getting them to return it to anyone. Once they get their hands on it, they are not going to give it back that is for sure.


They are very stubborn about that, and they are even more stubborn about patching the call through in the first place. They don’t seem interested in that. They are interested, however, in taking money. At what point in time is this going to change? Is there someone out there with some power that can knock them down a notch? If so, I’d love for them to appear right now and do something about IC Solutions. People need help.


How to Make Use of IC Solutions

If you have a relative or friend who has been sentenced to prison, the line of communication may end right when they get there. Oftentimes, most families don’t have the money or ability to make regular trips to the prison, and this can leave a disconnected feeling between you and that person. Thankfully, I found a company known as IC Solutions when my relative went to prison themselves. It was a difficult time for me and the rest of my loved ones, but IC Solutions allowed us to have a somewhat normal relationship with them which even included video chatting.


The reason IC Solutions is as popular as it has been is because of all the services they offer. From video visitation and messaging to the ability to send secure emails and photos to that person in prison. You will find that IC Solutions trumps any other company you might have used or heard of in the past. This is because there are so many services available through IC Solutions, and you’re not spending a ton of money just to make use of everything that they have made available for prison families to make use of for themselves.


Now that you’re aware of IC Solutions and the different services that are available, you need to visit the IC Solutions site and create an account for yourself. It is quick, easy and affordable even for those on the strictest of budgets. Plus, just think of all the money you can save by not making those annoying trips to the prison every single week. You will enjoy the different opportunities that IC Solutions has offered to prison families all over the country, so make sure to give this company a try for yourself and see just why it is as popular as it is.



IC Solutions


The Keefe Group – Magic at its Best

The Keefe Group is your magician that can magically make appear your most demanded solution for your correctional facility needs. Whether it’s a commissary item, software solution or communication, you better believe the Keefe Group has you covered.


The Keefe Group has managed to lead the market in solutions for correctional facilities over the years. Soups, chips, candy, juices, deodorants, lotions, vitamins, t-shirts, pants, shoes, hats, music, typewriters; kiosks; video visitation, email services, collect call services; investigation, commissary and counseling software solutions and much more, the Keefe Group corners every aspect of the market and delivers the better of expectations.


Can you guess the amount of sales the Keefe Group accumulates a year? Yes, it is a large number. Yes, it is the largest of its competition. Ready? $1 billion dollars in sales a year! How? Easy. Hard work, strategy, execution and making friends and business partners with the right folks. Simple enough? The Keefe Group has been doing this since 1975 and have built their business from coffee packets and revolutionary plastic seafood packets and took off life a Corvette. Today, and you may tell me to go kick rocks after I tell you this because of disbelief, but, the Keefe Group ships out over 25 million pounds of product a month to over 800 prisons in America. Ok, I’m beginning to kick my first rock now. The Keefe Group is seriously the winner in the market and if you decide to work with them on any level, you will be glad that you did. They don’t only offer quality products of great diversity, but their customer service is incredible as well, the best of the best, hands down.


Inmates, inmate’s loved ones, correctional professionals and investors have all been satisfied with the Keefe Group and its like they have slipped on their rose-colored glasses.


Take a trip to the Keefe Group website and enjoy the many available details about the company.


Keefe Group: A Reputable Inmates Phone Service Company

Looking for a reputable and reliable inmates communications company? Want to know why Keefe Group is considered the best provider or jail and prison phone service:


Keefe Group is a highly reliable inmates communications service provider. Numerous families and their incarcerated loved ones rely on Keefe Group for high quality, affordable service. If you are searching for a company that offers low rates and top notch service on prison and jail calls, it’s advisable to research properly before choosing one.


Take the time to find a company that has a good reputation. You don’t want to sign up with a service provider that charges too much for their service. Inmates communications service providers have ongoing competition and it’s crucial to avoid the ones that charge outrageous fees.


Most people choose Keefe Group due to their excellent quality service and reasonable rates. This renowned company has been providing outstanding services to the corrections facilities for years and is considered a leader in the industry.


Every day, inmates and their families search for ways to lower their phone bills. People are getting frustrated with the exorbitant costs of keeping in touch with relatives and are always looking for cheaper rates. That’s where Keefe Group comes in – to offer you the lowest rate on your prison or jail calls.


I have been using the phone service provided by Keefe Group and I’m pleased with everything they provide. High quality features, prompt service and affordable rates are some of the things I like about the company.


Many people are saying good things about Keefe Group and the company’s team of professionals. I have recommended the company to many people and they are all satisfied with the service and the rates.


To get started using the services provided by Keefe Group and start saving money on your calls, you need to create a new account. It’s a fast and easy process and can be done in just a few minutes. If you encounter any problem, if you have any questions, you can contact their customer service representatives.


IC Solutions: This Is What They Do

If there is anyone reading this and they are not familiar with IC Solutions, this is what they do: they rip customers off, they mislead them, and they cheat them. It is all in a day’s work for this inmate phone service. A company does not build up this reputation because customers are looking to waste time and post online for no reason. I’ve found in my time of reading reviews online that what people post online is usually truthful. If they are happy about something, they will let you know. On the other side of the coin, if they are unhappy or if they feel like they have been lied to, they will also let you know as well.


People are getting bold in today’s day and age, and they need to be when it comes to a corrupt and evil company like IC Solutions. According to my research, they have been doing this as far as back as 2012. It could go back even longer than that, but I found a link on Rip Off Report that was dated in 2012.I truly don’t know how they have gotten away with it this long, and how they are not rotting away behind a prison cell. This type of thing does not usually go ignored.


While it has not gone ignored online, it has gone ignored by the people that could actually do something about it. They are not standing up and doing a single thing about it. There are people in power that have the authority to come after IC Solutions. I’ve learned, though, that most people do get involved in things if it does not directly involve them, and that is sad. People should always be helping out others in these types of cases. If they have the power to change things, they should change things.


IC Solutions: This Company Is Rough

IC Solutions is a company that does not show any mercy to their customers out there, and they are not about to change their approach after all these years, which is a true shame to the people out there that really need this company. What they need, quite frankly, is a better company out there than IC Solutions. They need a company that is going to treat them with respect, honor, and dignity. It is what each and every single person on this planet deserves. They especially deserve it when they have already paid IC Solutions to communicate with an inmate.


In the link I shared, this involves a parent and a child. That is not territory that IC Solutions has any business getting involved in, whatsoever. This parent lost a lot of money trying to reach their child. At the end of the day, when it was all said and done, they did not get any closer to speaking to the child. They lost money, as stated, and they also gained a lot of headaches in the process. This is not the way a prepaid inmate phone provider is supposed to run and operate. They are supposed to be playing fair and by the rules. That is not what IC Solutions is interested in doing as a company.


IC Solutions is about one thing and one thing only: making money. It makes you wonder what they might do next or what they are capable of as a company. If they did something like this, there is no telling what is up their sleeve at any given point in time. They could really do something that would mess with people and put them in a bad way. This is the kind of company that is not normal on any level.


IC Solutions: They Are Coming For You

IC Solutions is always coming for the customers, and they don’t stop coming for the customers, no matter what. They keep coming after them and they keep trying to get as much money out of them as possible. It is how they operate on a daily basis as a company. They look for ways to get the most money out of each and every customer. They know their customers are currently vulnerable and scared. Someone they love is in prison. They want to talk to them more than anything in the entire world. Because of this, they know they can get away with murder and charge whatever prices they see fit and they can dictate how they are going to run things.


If there is one thing that rules IC Solutions along with money, it is power. They draw a line in the sand and they say, “If you want to talk to the inmate, here is the price. Maybe, just maybe, we will allow the phone call to happen.” People are discovering that more times than that, the phone call does not occur. They truly do not care what someone’s situation is or where they come from in their life. If they have money they can take from them and the timing is right, they are going to be all over it. They swoop in and they count each and every penny.


They don’t care if an inmate stays behind bars for the rest of their lives and they keep making money off them. For IC Solutions, it is just more money in their pockets. That is how they look at it, and that is how they like it. They like to keep the money coming in and the customers ripped off and unhappy. It’s truly sad.


The Keefe Group – Two Sides to a Coin

There are two sides to a coin and two different perspectives on The Keefe Group’s markups on their commissary items. Many inmates, former inmates and their loved ones claim that the markup is an attack on the oppressed inmates to solely benefit the aristocrats, while many others view the markup as a strategy to make a criminal think twice about coming back to prison.


As we all have heard the popular phrase before, “if you do the crime, then you do the time”. We have heard the phrase many times in our lives and it will never go away. When a criminal is to join the correctional facility for a punishment, that’s just what it is, a punishment. In no way should a criminal have an advantage for taking advantage of someone else in a criminal sense, that’s just not how things work, especially in North America. So when The Keefe Group provides inmates the opportunity to buy commissary items that they are used to having outside of the correctional facilities, such as music, snacks, technology, clothing, etc., that alone poses a privilege that many feel as though is undeserving, but that’s besides the point.


Many individuals claim that the commissary items offered at the correctional facilities by The Keefe Group is a way to take advantage of the oppressed inmates. A 25% markup on commissary items? “Is this some type of joke”? Absolutely not! Inmates’ loved ones are taking major hits with this markup, stating that it is an extreme burden on them over time and the The Keefe Group needs to lower these markups or be put to an end. Many petitions have been passed around by so called victims and supporters, attempting to replace correctional facilities with a more cheaper commissary systematic approach.


Many feel as though that inmates are to face their punishments and quit with all of the crying. Stating that inmates should have thought about the consequences before committing the crimes that got them in prison. The Keefe Group’s goal isn’t to take advantage of the oppressed inmates, but to make them realize that prison isn’t the place to be and if they are to be incarcerated, they are also affecting the lives of their loved ones who are usually the ones who are paying these outrageous commissary prices.


Is it a solely advantaged action by The Keefe Group on the oppressed inmates? Well, maybe they do profit quite excessively compared to the norm, but in all actuality it’s an opportunity. An opportunity to change the world by changing the outlook of criminals.