Securing Inmate Connections with Leading Innovations

Telmate is a privately owned telecommunications services provider specializing in the correctional facilities. It runs operations in the United States and Canada. The primary interest of the firm is the focus it has on the reduction of recidivism by increasing the security of the connections between inmates and their family members. Telmate believes in the principle of enhancing the connection of a prisoner to the outside world, which studies have shown the capacity to reduce the chances of reoffending once out of prison.


The mission is achieved through the use of more simple, convenient and affordable communications, with specialties in the VoIP and Video technologies. It has the best and up-to-date technologies. The technologies at Telmate emerge from San Francisco, which has a 24-hour based call center, similar to another one located in Ontario.


The leading telecommunications platforms

The most widely used technologies by Telmate are the Video visitations, messaging platforms, education, SaaS inmate phones, and the sharing of photos. The services are available in more than 200 correctional facilities in more than 30 states in the United States and Canada. Telmate is the leading firm in the data exchanged per minute, with more than 15, 000 data requests received per minute. The information translates to 22 million data requests per year; all made up of the phone calls, phone fund deposits, investigation inquiries, downloads, messages, and video visits.


Telmate’s role in the American communities

The company is proud of the place it is currently, and the role it has played in the correctional facilities in the United States and Canada. It is the only firm recorded to have installed the safest wireless tablets, with the same repeated in more than 50 facilities. Telmate went further to create the Community Outreach of Telmate, which honors and supports the law enforcement officials and the communities from which these centers are run. The initiative captures programs for heroes, fallen heroes, and the active ones. It also works in close collaboration with the Boys and Girls Club of Western Treasure Valley and is a partner of the National Law Enforcement Officers.


Global Tel Link Concerned with FCC Proposals on Altering Inmate Calling Services

I read how Global Tel Link had expressed its concern and dismay on the impact that the new order by FCC in 2015 would have affected the Inmate Calling Services industry. The order, as I read, had instituted some new regulations on the industry, which established caps on fees and rates for inter and intrastate calls. The new regulations did not however, cap site commissions. Read more on PR News Wire about GTL.

Implications of the New Order

I noted that the new order, which was obtained by the FCC, had the potential of creating a great financial instability within the industry. It would pose a huge threat to the provision of inmate communication services in the smaller jails within the nation. Global Tel Link had no option then but to seek a judicial review on the order by FCC. GTL called upon all dissenting commissioners as well as all stakeholders to join hands and challenge the plan that had great intentions but was devastatingly myopic.

According to Brian Oliver, who was then the CEO of GTL, the decision by the FCC would consequently hurt both the inmates and their families. He warned that if the order was implemented, it would hurt the very same person who was intended to benefit from it. He argued that as much as inmates and their families would be able to call at reduced rates per minute, they would have to contend with either the least quality of phone services or none at all. Mr. Oliver added that it was profoundly naïve to purport that security, commissions and technology could be offered under the various proposed caps by the FCC. He termed the proposals as going against the record of the FCC as well as defying common sense.

In a nutshell, I noted that the latest order from the FCC would occasion a financial tsunami to the industry. The order was proposing the reduction of rates charged to new ones that fell short of the sustainable cost of the services offered. The new rates preserved the largest part of overhead costs, which could cripple the industry and force companies to cancel their contracts. If this would be the case then most inmates and their families would bear the blunt as no services would be available at all. Read more on about GTL.


I read the sentiments of Brian Oliver, the CEO at GTL. He revealed that the company was not opposed to bringing affordable and latest technologies in phone services in various facilities to enable communication between the inmates and their family members. He explained their efforts to working together with various industry partners to come up with a comprehensive and sustainable solution that would lower consumer costs. Mr. Oliver revealed that the industry players have all along played ball with the authorities in seeking a sustainable policy but the FCC had turned against them with the proposal.

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Telmate Communications – Giving a Bad Name to the Inmate Communications Sector

Telmate Communications was earlier named as Pinnacle Public Services and was launched in the year 1998. It started out in the inmate communications field as a sub-let company for many of the major inmate communications services providers, but went on to become a mainstream inmate communication company itself and rebranded as Telmate Communications. The company has a history of offering innovative and cutting-edge technologies to the prison communications and the law enforcement agencies.


However, Telmate Communication has been receiving negative reviews from hundreds and thousands of its customers lately because of the huge dip in the customer service as well as due to its inferior technology as compared to other service providers in the business. Many of the customers have reported that they are not able to make even after adding credits to their cards, while many other customers have found technical glitches with calling the numbers of their inmates. Most of the customers are reporting that on calling the inmate number, the IVR is asking for topping their calling card even when they just topped up their calling card.


On asking for refunds, the customer service of Telmate Communications is behaving rudely or simply refusing to accept the problems with the systems, but just want the customers to pay more. Many of the clients who have furnished the proofs of refilling their account with credit are being told to wait, and many of the customers are waiting for weeks, and in some cases, even months for their refunds to no avail. Such a condition of customer service has put Telmate Communications in a tight spot with the clients and the inmate communications industry. Many of the customers have filed a legal complaint against the company, and others are looking for alternative service providers in the region.


Telmate Communications on its part is refusing to oblige with the customers’ demand and are saying that their technology and system is at par with the best in the industry, but the reviews available all over the internet tells paints an entirely different picture. Only time will say whether Telmate Communications can win back the trust of the customers it serves, most of whom are switching or have already turned to other more reliable service providers.


IC Solutions: They Are Blocking Recovery

IC Solutions, the now infamous inmate communications provider, is not making any friends in their line of work. The sad part is I don’t even think they care one bit about this. They are not interested in making friends or making customers happy.

They are interested in one thing and one thing only and that is making as much money as humanely possible. It is the driving force behind their company all of the time and it is what gets them up in the morning, starts their day, and keeps them going. Learn more about IC Solutions:

It is really sad when you sit down and think about it that they have become this corrupt and this evil. They have shown next to no remorse for their actions.

This is even after reviews like this have been posted online about them: The reviews are pretty damning when you sit down and really riffle through all of them and take the time to read them. It does not paint a pretty picture. The same is true of their 1.4 rating out of 64 reviews.

RippOffReport says that truly tells the whole story about IC Solutions as they are supposed to allow inmates to speak to their loved ones over the telephone while they serve out their prison stay, however long that might be, which hopefully it will be a short one.

They will learn their lesson and come out of it a bigger man or a better woman. They have messed up and while there is no getting around that, they do deserve a chance to show the world they can change and they are willing to do so.

However, with IC Solutions not doing anything right and double charging customers, it makes the process a whole lot more difficult than it needs to be when prison is hard enough to begin with, one would imagine.

Keefe Group: Heart for Offenders

The well-being of inmates is a number one priority for Keefe Group. Their unrivaled excellence in satisfying clients is a reason they win lucrative contracts with correctional facilities. Keefe has been in the game for 40 years. They started with packaging coffee mixes in plastic. They have since serviced the correctional markets exclusively and pioneered the evolution of products, packaging and tech services through their affiliates.

All these efforts are made to serve the needs of county jails, federal prisons, and other in-between institutions. Keefe’s primary goal is to deliver top-notch solutions, tailored to meet clients’ unique needs. Keefe has most recently introduced kiosks that act as self-service points for Keefe products and services within regulations. To best manage expectations of clients, Keefe Group has affiliates working on different areas of their service package. Some of their subsidiaries serve specific roles as outlined:

Keefe Supply

Previously used metal cans were very dangerous for use in prisons. Keefe Supply came up with an innovation for flexible pouch food containers. They have also come up with clear housing for electronics and packaging for personal valuables. This is meant to make the environment in prisons safe and secure as it should be. I am confident that this also makes the jobs at prisons easier. Keefe Supply distributes over 10,000 name brands and offers free same day shipping. Visit to know more.

Access Securepak

They specialize mostly in packaging suitable for inmates. A secure processing center is used to avoid hacking and illegal imports. The packaging is custom-made to inmate specifications, and one automatically receives a confirmation of processing.

IC Solutions

They provide telecommunications to over 180,000 inmates in over 200 facilities with round the clock technical support. IC Solutions also ensures the facilities have the latest technology with the best and newest features. I would not have anything more to ask for from IC Solutions.

Advanced Technologies Group

With an experience spanning over 15 years, they offer support to offenders throughout the process. Keefe Group fights corruption and injustice to prisoners in Northern America. In my opinion, Keefe Group has done an exemplary job in ensuring inmates are comfortable while they serve their time.

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Gouging Inmates And Families

There are so many people who say that inmates are true criminals. While this might be true, there are companies that are criminals as well. They just know how to go about business so that they don’t get caught. Global Tel Link is one of these companies. My wife has been in jail for two months. They have been the longest two months of my life. The phone situation isn’t great as there are dropped calls and high rates that have to be paid just to be able to talk to her for a few minutes. Read more on to know more about GTL.

Read more:–securus-corrects-inaccuracies-300264749.html

Global Tel Link has several complaints against the company. There’s nothing that’s being done about those rates. Government companies have been saying that there are petitions to sign, and even though there are petitions and movements to get the rates lowered, it’s not happening fast enough. The company needs to be shut down because of the price gouging that is taking place. There’s really nothing that anyone can do except to deal with the rates that are set forth by the company until there is something done. Hopefully, that time comes sooner than later for those who are relying on the phone calls from inmates. Know more about GTL at Consumer Affairs.

Families Pay Huge For Incarcerated Family Members

In January, The Washington Times discussed how people tend to forget what happens after someone is incarcerated. Most people think, “Well, they did the crime now they’re doing the time.” But what people don’t realize is that it’s not just the inmate that is being punished. The family and especially the children suffer. The children still need their parents regardless of the crime that was committed.


So how does the family endure the time without their family member? Well some can visit but that’s not always possible if the family member is far away, so they rely on telephone and video communication. Telephone communication is extremely important for two reasons. One is the children with a parent that is incarcerated is already going through trauma of losing their parent. If they miss out talking to their parent, it can lead to them following them in their footsteps and being incarcerated themselves one day. Secondly, the family members that are incarcerated have more hope and are less likely to return to prison or jail if they are in constant communication with family.


Making a phone call is not as easy as you would think. It can be very expensive, especially to families who already are low income families. Unfortunately, the family is left with the burden of paying for these expensive calls when they didn’t commit any crime. Louisiana families pay millions of dollars each year to keep in contact with their family members. The money generated from phone calls is divided between phone providers and correction facilities.


One 15 minute phone call in Louisiana can cost up to $4.50 cents. So the family could spend $126 dollars a month for a one hour phone call per day. In North Dakota it’s $6 for 15 minutes but in as little as 10 states a 15 minute call can be less than a dollar. Obviously the cost is not consistent nationwide and the commissions the correctional facilities receive are different. Somewhere down the line the law abiding citizens shouldn’t be footing the entire bill for the communication. They shouldn’t have to choose between food, medicine, or electricity to keep communication with their loved ones. For more information and to read the full article go to:

Telmate LLC: the Fastest Growing Provider of Inmate Telecommunication Services in America

Telmate LLC is a communications company with over a decade of professional experience. This company is committed to providing innovative services that are reliable and are of the latest technology. Telmate LLC was launched in 1998 as Pinnacle Public Services, but it later changed its name.


What services does Telmate LLC offer?


This company provides services to various facilities, including federal detention centers, state DOCs, city jails, county correctional facilities, and holding cells. Telmate’s largest account holds more than 18,000 prisoners. Telmate LLC is at the forefront of providing high-quality inmate telecommunication services, such as investigative tools, phones, tablets, video visits among other serves. Currently, this company provides services to more than 300 prisons in North America, Canada, and the United States. This company is one of the largest service providers in North America. Telmate LLC serves more than 2.2 million people by providing them with innovative products aimed at enhancing safety in correctional facilities as well as helping inmates get started in the outside world. Telmate LLC has a way of providing prisoners with useful content to help them keep up with what is happening outside the prison walls. This company believes that providing inmates with current and positive news minimizes their likelihood to re-offend.


Telmate’s core values and principles


Template LLC, like most companies, is dedicated to making communications simple, convenient, and affordable to its customers. Given the environment in the prisons, Telmate LLC is committed to keeping both the inmates and the staff safe. For this reason, they have developed innovative technologies to keep correctional facilities secure.


Telmate LLC is driven by six leading principles:

  • Protecting the community through high-tech investigative tools
  • Connecting people while fostering safety in prisons
  • Serving the community
  • Enhancing financial responsibility through making sure that the general public does not incur unnecessary costs
  • Enhancing personal responsibility by making inmates independent entities
  • Improving mental health with resources such as legal, social, and spiritual


Telmate LLC is also at the forefront rewarding individuals in the law enforcement agency. This company has been able to successfully honor them through developing community outreach programs, such as the Telmate Fallen Heroes, Telmate Cares, and the Telmate Fallen Heroes.



Keefe Group Holds a Monopoly through No-Bid Contracts

I’ve been keeping an eye on Keefe Group the past couple of months and their business practices are alarming. I’ve taken a few business classes in college and started to notice a trend in Keefe Group that caused me to realize they’re building up a monopoly.

Keefe Group offers commissary services and items to correctional facilities across the country. They’ve managed to maintain their monopoly with these facilities by ensuring they forge no-bid contracts with them.

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Prison Censorship has recognized the trend too, but people who are unfamiliar with the term no-bid contracts may not understand what that means. No-bid contracts essentially mean only the business can request the services or products from one provider. In this case, Keefe Group is the only company correctional facilities can have commissary services and products coming from. This drives out any competition and gives Keefe Group an unprecedented amount of control over pricing.

How does this affect correctional facilities? Well, since Keefe Group has driven out the competition they have more control over pricing. Inmates are forced to pay the prices set by Keefe Group which puts a burden not only on them, but their families too.

This is hardly the first instance Keefe Group has profited off the misfortune of others either. They have made it a habit of ensuring they’re the only ones who are providing these products and services to the correctional the facilities. There have been reports made by Kingfish and CDispatch who have shown the true colors of this company.

The downside is Keefe Group doesn’t see prisoners as people, but as a means of turning an extra profit. Kingfish even reported that Keefe Group made over $40.4 million through their commissary network according to public records. They even forged a contract with the correctional facility on November 5, 2008 which has been renewed several times. The last time the contract was renewed was in 2011 and is set to expire on August 31, 2015. Each of these contracts was signed by Chris Epps who was the commissioner at the time. This made Keefe Group responsible for several services at the correctional facility.