Sending Safe Packages to Inmates

I know having a friend or loved one in prison can be difficult. The Keefe Group tries to make this tough time easier. I found the website of this company, helpful and interesting. Keefe provides a variety of services for inmates and their families.


The division of the Keefe group I found most intriguing is Access Securepak. The purpose of this program is to allow family members to send safe packages to inmates. I liked the fact it is designed with the well being of inmates and guards in mind. I can use this program and be confidant that my package will be safe and secure.


I was impressed with the steps the Keefe Group takes to make sure packages are safe. First, all packages are put together by Access Securepak. Their employees undergo intense background checks and put together packages in a secure warehouse. This means I do not have to worry about using packing materials that are not permitted by the correctional facility. The Keefe Group also ensures that anything I send to an inmate are allowed by the facility.


I also liked the fact that Access Securepak uses special software to keep track of restrictions placed on inmates by the facility. I do not have to remember what products are forbidden. The software also helps Keefe Group prevent contraband from being sent to the package. This helps my friend or family member be safer.


My favorite thing about the Keefe Group is their website. It is so easy to use. The Access Securepak section is easy to find. The website can be used to make online orders. I can be sure that all the products offered are packaged for the correctional market. I also like the fact that special items are offered for special holiday packages.


IC Solutions: It’s Only Getting Worse

You know how they say that things can’t get any worse? They have with IC Solutions, the inmate communications provider. They are a prepaid phone provider for inmates that are behind bars. The price of the phone call is paid for by the inmate’s friends, family, and loved ones. The inmate is in desperate need of this phone call. It is going to help them through the tough days in prison. It is going to ensure they have everything they need to get out of there in one piece. They are going through a tough time and their family still cares about them.It is clear that IC Solutions does not care about them, even if they are a young adult, as pointed out in this article. IC Solutions only sees money and they only see opportunities to take advantage of people. They don’t see anything beyond that.

As a matter of fact, they have a one-track mind in many of these situations. It is really a shame that a company has fallen so far off the rails they can only see money and they don’t see the person that is suffering. People in prison have issues, some of which can be related to mental illness.They might have never received the help they needed in order to get better and they messed up. If they were able to speak to their family and loved ones, they would be able to see things a little clearer and understand what is really going on around them. That is not happening thanks to IC Solutions. The pain of the inmate and the suffering of their family is all seen as a way to get as much money out of them as possible without any consequences facing IC Solutions.

Telmate Provide the Inmate with a Guardian

Telmate is a company that focuses on providing a variety of services to the correctional facilities in two countries; United States of America and Canada. It first started as a company that provided communication services to inmates incarcerated in the various facilities. As at now, Telmate has grown and expanded to cater for the over 2 million inmates serving sentences in both the USA and Canada.

Some of the services that this company provides include;


  • Facilitating inmates with educational materials which include eBooks and other e-learning programs
  • Providing inmates with entertainment facilities such as music and the internet
  • Facilitating inmates with communication services
  • Automating the prison facilities and operations


Since its inception, Telmate has continuously improved its services and develop new products to improve the living conditions of the inmates and the correctional officers. Currently, Telmate has come up with a new product that will revolutionize inmate care operation in the prison space. The product, Telmate Guardian, is now incorporated in most correctional facilities and it has significantly increased the efficiency of the jail operations


Telmate guardian


Telmate guardian is a smartphone-based program that will serve the purpose of monitoring many offenders once they are released on parole. This product includes a GPS. Once you download this application on your phone, the application has been engineered to capture inmate information quickly, biometrics and even facial and voice recognition and samples.


Case managers, therefore, can quickly locate prisoners and have their information without necessarily visiting the prison facilities. The advantages of using this application are many. Here are some of the benefits of using the Telmate guardian application;


  • The application has an event reminder feature. That enables prison caseworkers to schedule their appointments quickly and more efficiently work on each case.
  • The application also acts as a GPS and effectively reports the location of the offenders at the case manager’s discretion.
  • The application also has a live video feature that enables case managers to communicate with inmates on parole conveniently.


Telmate has served the correctional space for over ten years. The years of experience in the prison space enables the company to innovate new products that will improve the operation and the living conditions of many incarnated inmates in the United States of America and Canada


IC Solutions: Everything Wrong With America

If we truly want to look at everything that is wrong with America, we don’t need to look much further than IC Solutions, the prepaid telephone company for inmates. The loved ones of the inmate pay for the price of the phone call. They pay for it upfront for the right to speak to them. I’m sure many of you that are reading this are saying, “What’s so hard about that? Sounds pretty simple on paper to me.” However, those people have not done their homework on the evil, nasty, and vile company that is IC Solutions. I’ve read all of the articles on the company and each one is worse than the next such as this one. Again, this is not hard stuff to follow through with if someone runs a phone company.

All they need to do is collect their money and allow this parent to speak to their child. It is not that hard in the grand scheme of life. This parent, by the way, is worried sick about their child and they want what is best for them. They want to make sure their head is above water and they are surviving what I imagine is a rather ruthless place, especially for someone so young. Yes, the young adult or child made a mistake and they are in prison for a reason. There is no disputing that. However, has no one over at IC Solutions ever made a mistake? Are they perfect? The answer is a resounding no.None of that means a lick to them, though, because they know they can attack these people right in the wallet and they are going to collect as much cash as possible simply because they can and no one out there is going to stop them from doing it.

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How to Make Use of Telmate

Telmate is one of the leading prison communication systems out there, and it is currently being used by thousands of people to successfully and easily keep in touch with loved ones behind bars. If you have someone who is in prison, it is time to consider a great communication option that is there to make life easier for you and your friend or relative. This is a system that is incredibly easy to use, making it quick and effortless to finally have a video chat with your loved ones using the simple system known as Telmate.


One of the great things about using Telmate is that it is available for all types of inmates, so it can simply be integrated into their communication services. You will find that this helps a lot and gives you the motivation that you need to feel confident in what you’re doing. There is a reason so many people currently use Telmate with great success and are happy with what they are able to offer to themselves. This is an option that you will find to be great considering the fact that there are so many people out there who love it as much as they do.


Now that you realize how beneficial it is for you to be using Telmate, it is just a matter of utilizing the service yourself and beginning to see what it is for your own needs. There are a lot of people who make use of Telmate and do not know how to properly use it, so it does take a bit to learn if this is something you have never used before in your life. This is a wonderful option for many people, as it is something that helps them to finally get in touch with loved ones without the hassle of always having to make trips to the prison itself. You should definitely look into using Telmate if this is an option that you’ve considered in the past and would like to begin making use of because you have never made use of it before and feel it would help.


Servicing Over 2 Million People Daily

Think of the major responsibility in serving over 2 million people daily.


For right now, let’s not look at what these people are being serviced with. First, you have to take into consideration that these people have something they want. If they didn’t, then you have nothing of value to offer them. But in this case, these 2 million people are buyers of your products and services.


This is exactly where the Keefe Group started.


To be exact, the Keefe Group started with selling already made coffee packages and to this population we brought into consideration. But it wasn’t until the contracts came in and more orders where needed that they gained 2 million buyers.


The Infrastructure Needed


Let’s now think about the tools we need to accomplish the satisfaction of over 2 million people. But let’s also put this into the equation; we have access to every level of manufacturing. Which means that we, as a hypothetical Keefe Group, can produce the goods sold, package them safely and appealingly; and then we have the means to ship them.


There’s truly only one way to service such a large population of 2 million eager buyers. It becomes extremely possible the moment you have access to every production phase. Having that access is also rare, but the Keefe Group has managed and since 1975 when it got its start in the world of U.S. Corrections.


The Tools, Factories And Means Of Transportation


Part of this process in successfully serving over 2 million consumers is in having the tools necessary and at your disposal. Without the large factory Keefe Group is known for, it’s impossible for them to continue satisfying any large population. But the Keefe Group has leveraged more than a great product.


They’ve also leveraged the means whereby people access and use them.


And in doing so, the Keefe Group is the tremendous brand we know of today. And as long as their contracts with the United States Government remains, so will the excellent name of the Keefe group stand strong for many more years to come.


Switch To IC Solutions For An Affordable Solution To Inmate Calls

Get premier inmate calling features with the upgraded IC Solutions network. You never have to worry about the hassle of explicit third party authorization with website features available from most devices. Conveniently purchase the features you need from their website with a valid payment, and you must be eighteen years of age, or older. Go with a network willing to put the needs of their customers first. They are a trusted network through a American Correctional Association accreditation from a merger with the Keefe Group. Their customers can now get packaging services to the ones they love in a correctional facility.

IC Solutions Features

Remote Visitation

Have access to remote visitation online through a new IC Solutions features available for customers over eighteen years of age. You get complete control with a high definition video, and sound with a few onscreen modules.

Online Inmate Photos

Inmates can get facility approved photos online conveniently on their tablet, or through the facilities computer system. They never have to miss another important moment on the outside with the ones they love. Thousands of customers are making the switch to IC Solutions for an affordable inmate calling network.

Telmate Communications Need to Invest in Training their Customer Service Staff

Telmate Communications have been around for years offering inmate communications services to many prisons in the country. Some of the services they have on offer are calling cards, video calling services, money transfer services, parolee tracking system and much more. The services are used by the prisoners and their loved ones to be in touch with each other. While most people would think that the services they provide are a blessing for these people, the reality is different.


When the company was first set up, they had a small number of prisons that they serviced and their services were top class. With time, they seem not to care since they are providing the services to people who are behind bars. Over the years, the rate of call dropped have increased to such an extent that people find it difficult to get connected. In spite of not being connected, money is deducted from their account. Even after having proof, their customer service department denies the fact and states that they cannot do anything about it. No matter how many times you call the company, you will only hear rude comments from their customer service department.


There was a woman who used their services for her son who was in prison. She had deposited around $100 in her account, and when she tried to call, every time the call was disconnected. After a few tries, she was told that she did not have enough balance in her account to make the call. She works 60 hours a week to earn that much money, and Telmate just took it all away.


Telmate Communications needs to step up and improve their customer service otherwise they would not last in the industry any longer. Apart from the dropped calls, the company is also charging a hefty service fee in addition to the amount for the call. Since it is the inmates and their families, most of who are from low-income households, who use their services, cannot afford such high call rates. There have been numerous complaints against them, but Telmate Communications do not care about their customers at all. It is best for them to look into these problems and resolve them quickly if they want to survive in the industry.



Prison Phone Call Industry Set to Fight FCC’s Long-Distance Rates’ Regulation

The US prison phone call industry, which is private equity-backed, has decided to fight the new FCC decision that will see long-distance prison call rates slashed. This comes in the wake of a 2-1 FCC vote that favored setting a maximum rate for all long distance prison calls. The new rate cap is 25 cents per minute, which is still far above average traditional landline rates.


Speaking to The Huffington Post, Securus Technologies CEO Richard Smith said that his company would pursue the matter in court in a bid to stop the roll-out of the new rules by the FCC. Smith also lashed out at all the industry’s critics. He said that what Securus has built for the US corrections industry is not only secure but has also helped solve cases and save many lives annually.


Smith was speaking about his company’s state of the art technology built to serve the law enforcement and corrections agencies. He added that his company’s technology had helped curb the number of crimes planned over the phone by incarcerated inmates. He was, however, angered by the fact that critics are quick to paint service providers as money-hungry companies who lacked empathy for prisoners and their loved ones.


Impact of the FCC Decision


In the weeks after the FCC announced their new decision, Securus Technologies’ debt value dropped by two percent. This suggested the market’s reaction to the impact of the regulations to its bottom line.


Global Tel Link and Securus Technologies control over 80 percent of the prison call market. Global Tel Link is the country’s leading provider of top-value integrated correctional tech solutions delivering ease of operation, security, and financial value to customers through visionary solutions and products. The company serves almost 50 percent of the entire US inmates’ population. Its headquarters are in Reston, Virginia. GTL has also come out in protest of the new FCC regulation.


IC Solutions: They Don’t Want to Hear Your Problems

When it comes to a lot of companies, when you tell them about your problems with the service or any issues you might be having, they are usually pretty understanding about them and they will do their best to resolve them. One of the companies that will do no such thing is IC Solutions. They might not come out and say they don’t care, but it shows in their actions and it also shows in the reviews of the customers: This was a new link I found about the company and one of their primary targets seems to be families. They truly enjoy taking money from families. That is their number one demographic and more information click here.

This person spoke to five people that told them it was taken care of, and they still lost three hundred dollars. There is nothing about it that is justifiable or understandable on any level. They will simply tell the person what they want to hear to get them off the phone and end the conversation. They don’t care to go beyond that or go the extra mile. They are totally happy with just taking, taking, and taking. While they are making money, the inmates that are relying on the phone calls are suffering and learn more about IC Solutions.

I know it can be hard to feel sympathy for an inmate, but they are people, too, and they deserve to be treated with respect if they have not committed an unforgivable crime of some sort. If it is a minor one and one that can be forgiven, they deserve to have rights. I don’t believe IC Solutions sees it that way no do they care to even get inside the head of the customer or the inmate. They would like to get inside the bank accounts of the customers and their Website.