When does the cost of a prison phone call become ipso facto punishment?

Throughout the state of Louisiana, many families of the state’s prison population have complained of the high costs of phone calls. They point out that the costs to families, who are the ones almost always saddled with the phone bills, can easily run into the hundreds of dollars per month. These costs are shouldered by some of the poorest families in the state, often leading to difficult decisions like keeping the lights on versus allowing the kids to see their father via video visitation.


This has led to calls for federal intervention and imposed rate caps. Some prisoner rights groups even contend that paying such elevated costs is a violation of the families’ human rights.



The courts sing a different tune


The courts have repeatedly disagreed. In volumes of precedent-setting cases, the courts at all levels have reaffirmed that inmates have no right to phone access whatsoever. While it is unfortunate that the costs of the father’s reckless criminality is often born by his children, the nation’s jails and prisons are not intended as five-star hotels, catering to every fleeting whim of its guests. Prisons are meant to remove serious threats from society and keep the law-abiding safe.


Many industry observers also note that a large plurality of incarcerated men were deadbeat or absentee dads. These are often career criminals who measure well into the psychopathy spectrum. These observers note that many such criminals didn’t care one iota about their families while free and are now just playacting as victims to get access to services they want and time out of their cells.




Prison Industry Makes Crime Worst

If you ever for one moment thought that the prison industry was used to help fight crime you have sadly been mistaken. According to new studies it has been proven that in fact being in prison actually causes more crimes once the inmate has been released. Imagine being in prison for so many years. The environment has always been quite hostile. Men vs men or women vs. women and every one working hard to prove that they should be in charge of the jail or that they should be more powerful than the next person. Now imagine being released from jail and suddenly you now have that same hostile attitude towards those in the real world. It’s a dog eat dog world. No one expects you to be great and many people assume you’re going to make the same decisions as you have made in the past and before you know it you realize the odds are completely against you.


A recent article proved this idea after it was determined that the prison industry actually creates more crimes than it stops. It seems as if the environment that was created to fight the system is now working with the system to make things worst.


Shedding Light on IC Solutions Services and Complaints

Inmate Calling Solutions is a leading provider of inmate communication services. The firm was founded in 2002 and quickly grew to become one of the popular jail phone services provider. It provides cutting-edge technology and excellent customer experience. Currently, IC Solutions serves over 230,000 inmates in 230 correctional facilities across the United States. The firm has invested a lot to cope with the dynamic nature of the industry.

Services offered by IC Solutions

Inmate Voicemail- It is an inmate phone alert system that notifies inmates when they have messages allowing the inmates to listen to the messages whenever they can access the phones.

Automated Information Line- It is an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system that provides prisoners and family members with automatic answers for frequently asked questions. The platform also retrieves data from the jail management systems to provide the inmate and family members with real-time information such as upcoming court appearances, release date, and bond amounts just to mention a few.

Flexible calling- This platform allows inmates to communicate with their families and friends.

Phone and web-based Deposit services- This offers family and friends with a secure way to deposit funds to the inmate account enhancing their communication.

Kiosks- This eases the process of safely collecting money from new inmates.

24-hour Customer Service- This assists the users with their questions concerning issues payments, depositing to inmate account, prepaid account set up and billing issues.


Although the company has provided solutions to the inmate communication industry, it has failed to address some of the challenges it faces. There have been complaints of overcharging for their services in some places. Moreover, the firm has failed in refunding money from dropped calls. In a report by Al.com, a significant number of clients have received a message saying that IC cannot refund funds from dropped calls due to phone quality. The company should, therefore, act swiftly in addressing these challenges for them to be in the same rank as other inmate communication service providers such as Securus technologies.


GTL and rival Securus team up to defeat regulator

Global Tel Link, the nation’s foremost inmate communications firm, has recently set aside its bitter feud with rival Securus Technologies. The two have teamed up to put an end to the existential threat posed by the recent promulgation by the FCC of rules designed to cap intrastate phone call rates from prisons. The new rules would have put an absolute cap of 21 cents per minute on all outgoing phone calls, risking a gigantic withdrawal of telephones from many of the nation’s prisons.

A cure worse than the symptoms

The FCC had fallen under the sway of prison rights advocacy groups, such as the ACLU and Prison Policy Initiative. After trucking out dozens of people adversely affected by the high phone rates, many of whom are family members of the incarcerated with young children, the agency caved and decided to issue new rules without first conducting any kind of due diligence.

In a report by PR Newswire, GTL and Securus both immediately went into panic mode when the announcement was made, in late August, 2016, that the FCC had unilaterally decided to impose the new caps. The companies both knew well that, had the regulations been allowed to become law, it would have spelled the immediate end of calling privileges for millions of inmates across the country. While many prisons would have been able to retain their phones, many would have been forced by budgetary constraints to pull them. Prison telephones present many unique security threats and must be monitored at all times as well as guarded. Unguarded banks of phones will allow gangs to take them over, extorting inmates who wish to use them. This creates a security threat because such gangs have been known to generate tens of thousands of dollars per month using such schemes.

For these reasons, many prisons would have had no choice but complete removal of their phone systems.


IC Solutions Is Not Recommended By Anyone

In today’s day and age, it is all about getting recommendations and it is about getting good recommendations. No one wants to receive a bad one as that is going to hurt business. IC Solutions, an inmate communications provider, does not seem to care about what people are saying about them on the Internet. In fact, they seem to turn the other cheek. In some lines of work, there might be acceptance and it might not be frowned up but with IC Solutions, it is everything that is wrong with a business. It is lying to the people and cheating them out of their hard earned money.

All anyone has to do is check out this link for proof by pissedconsumer.com. This is a woman that was charged twice and is still unable to speak to her son. With most companies, when someone pays a price for something, they should be able to receive the service they have paid for, without any questions asked or any problems. However, IC Solutions is very skilled at playing games with their customers. In their minds, they have customers exactly where they want them, and they are more than happy to keep taking from them each and every single day.

They know that most people will give up and just pay the price and then pray that they are able to speak to the inmate. From my point of view, everything about this just reeks and feels dirty. I even feel dirty reading about it and talking about it. It is not right and it is not just. There is no way they can dignify themselves, which is probably why they don’t ever respond to any answers and they go into hiding. There are no words which can explain what they are doing and no logical reasoning. To learn more, visit ripoffreport.com.


Keefe Group is making a Real Difference behind the Jail Walls and in the Community

Keefe Group is a company that began supplying advanced products and quality services to correctional facilities in 1975. Its first business was providing coffee sachets to Florida prisons. Keefe Group decided to venture into product packaging after realizing that there was a need for improvement in the quality of the goods offered at the correctional institutions. This company has been working in collaboration with correctional commissaries who deliver products to correctional facilities. Keefe Group has six subsidiaries that provide various services. The Dispatch reveals that the company has a strong presence in Florida, New Jersey, Denver, Ohio, California, and Texas.

Services provided by Keefe Group’s subsidiary companies

Keefe’s Advanced Technology group helps build and supply the state-of-the-art software and telecommunications solutions. These products make jails comfortable and streamline operations. ICSolutions Company pioneers in the provision of telecommunication services and products, such as voice biometrics, visitation phone monitoring & recording, facility messaging, remote access, and inmate banking. Access Securepak deals in the packaging of goods using some user-friendly and flexible material. The Keefe Supply Company, on the other hand, offers shoes, food, personal care items, clothing’s, and electronics to jails and prisons. Keefe’s Commissary Network functions to provide commissary management technologies and services. Keefe Group tries to promote security and improve lives by ensuring prisons can readily access secure and innovative products.

Keefe Group’s contribution to the society

Keefe Group is involved in a variety of charity activities. According to STL Today, this corporation works in cooperation with Puppies Behind Bars in training dogs as explosive detection canines. Puppies Behind Bars also work to enhance the lives of wounded soldiers returning home from Afghanistan and Iraq. Keefe also supports the Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation. This non-profit organization functions to rehabilitate and rescue horses that no longer compete in racetracks. Keefe also supports United Way, an organization that helps the needy and the homeless in the U.S. Keefe Group and United Way raise funds and mobilizes volunteers to assist members of the community. This company also donates to causes aimed at helping children. For years, Keefe has been working with Amachi Big Brothers Big Sisters in providing guidance and mentorship to children whose parents are in prison.


IC Solutions Is The Devil

A lot of people reading the title of this might think I’m just trying to get you to click this link and read about IC Solutions by having a catchy or over-the-top title. That is not the case, as that is how I truly feel about IC Solutions, the infamous inmate communications provider that has shown their true colors, time and time again, and they are not pretty. They are as ugly as ugly can get. They are causing damage to families and inmates that they might never recover from ever. When someone is in prison, they need to know there is a silver lining.

They need to know that they will get out of prison and they will live a healthy and happy life. At the moment, things might seem grim and dire, but they won’t always be this way. They can either let this experience make them or break them. However, they need support and they need help. They need to hear from family members on the telephone. There is a lot of isolation in prison as they spend so much time alone, so they need to hear from a mother or a father to let them know they are disappointed they are in prison, but they will not give up on them ever.

As detailed here, http://icsolutions.pissedconsumer.com/state/arizona.html , IC Solutions is just fine with taking money from people, sometimes twice, but they have a real issue with allowing the family to speak to the inmate. Isn’t that part of the contract? This is a kid behind bars. He screwed up. It does not mean he gets ignored or overlooked. That is why IC Solutions.com is the walking and breathing devil, as they do not care about people as human beings, whatsoever. That does not concern them, and they look the other way.

Securus Technologies Newest Investigation Toolkit – Securus’ Investigator Pro

On December 12, 2016, Securus Technologies launched the first software in the inmate communications industry with Searchable Voice Capability feature. Securus’ Investigator ProTM is designed in a manner that allows the investigators to choose an inmate’s voice, or that of the called party and then trace it in other telephone calls. The sample voice is used to search all the other calls where the voice appears.

This cutting edge solution will go a long way in helping the investigators up their game in detecting and curbing crime. It will help them to uncover gang related activities, high interest, as well as potential criminal activities through identification of the voices of the parties involved, as explained by Michael Kester, the CEO of JLG Technologies – a Securus firm. Michael added that the new software has the potential to identify other inmates that may have communicated with the party over the telephone. He expressed confidence in the ability of Searchable Voice Solution to offer a whole new level of biometric sophistication that allows investigators to curb crimes way before they happen.

This new feature allows the investigator to follow a person’s voice – unlike the traditional option where a person can only follow personal identification number or a telephone number. As such, investigators will be able to respond to questions such as:

What other inmate is speaking with the identified called party?
Are there any of the current inmates that are communicating with a released inmate?
Has the called party ever been an incarcerated inmate?

If combined with other analysis features of the Investigator Pro like voice identification confidence ratings and high-interest group tagging, the new software will deliver a highly powerful and sophisticated toolkit for the identification of criminal networks that operate over inmate telephone systems.

About Securus Technologies
With its headquarters in Dallas, Texas, Securus Technologies Inc. serves more than 3450 public safety, correction and law enforcement agencies, and more than 1.2million inmates across North America.

Choose A Top Provider For Your Inmate Calling Features Through The Keefe Group

The Keefe Group is a inmate vendor and communications network that is trusted by thousands of people across the nation. They provide a variety of services to improve the operations of a correctional facility and to assist inmates in being in an institution with the necessities that they need. Their calling network saves their customers time and money allowing them to eliminate the need for a third party authorized agent to purchase calling credits. In fact, they offer a wide variety of high end products through an inmate commissary including a advanced technological kiosk system that allows them to keep track of their finances.

Why Thousands Of People Are Choosing The Keefe Group?

The Keefe Group offers great features that allows their customers to receive a complimentary call from an inmate through IC Solutions. After this call, you will be prompted to register for an account that will allow you to receive further calls from this inmate. They have been proudly serving their customers with the highest level of customer service excellency since 1975. They offer clothing, Secure Pak features, electronics, telecommunications, and more. They offer services that offer a competitive services around the world.

The Keefe Group Features

Prepaid Services

Prepaid services eliminates the needs of locating an authorized agent by giving you the option of registering for prepaid services from the exclusive Keefe Group website. Their prepaid services allow you to be readily available to talk to your loved ones any time they call.

Inmate Voicemail

Inmate’s can now receive and retrieve messages from their loved ones, job prospects, and their legal counsel. Thousands of inmates say, this features allows them to feel independent and will help them transition to life outside of the correctional institution.

Become a valuable Keefe Group member today! For more information, visit stltoday.com.

FCC Tries to Discredit Cap Arguments From Inmate Communication Providers

There is another example of the never-ending fight between the haves and the have nots, which is taking place within the inmate communication industry. There is a very vocal group of people who have been customers of the largest companies in this industry for a while. These people have loved ones in jail and have been subjected to phone rates that some would call outrageous. The rates were as high as $500 a month, which the FCC deemed unfair.


The FCC passed a mandated cap of 11 cents. This was a reasonable amount, and the FCC attempted to impose this cap on companies like Global Tel-Link and Securus. These are the two largest corporations in the industry and are bitter competitors but remain united on this fight. Both argued that the cap would cut profits severely, and they will be unable to provide quality service to customers.


The companies also argued that many of the prisons that these companies have contracts with also take a good chunk of the money, which is used to help inmates by providing counseling or similar services. It should come to no surprise that these companies took the FCC and its proposal to court. The FCC lost, in a sense, since the judge decided to delay the cap.


The FCC did not anticipate this loss but are now attempting to weaken the arguments that Global Tel-Link and Securus are putting out there. The FCC just introduced a new cap of 13 cents, which should stop these companies from saying that the cap is too high.


There is no telling whether this will help ensure that the FCC is able to impose the cap, which is going to end up helping thousands of family members who just cannot afford the high rates that the inmate communication industry has gotten away with charging.