IC Solutions: Bad News Is Here

When dealing with IC Solutions, it is nothing but bad news after bad news. They are an inmate communications provider known for treating their customers like garbage. In fact, I think garbage gets treated better than the customers at IC Solutions and the inmates for that matter. When someone is an inmate, people don’t tend to look at him or her too favorably. They think of them as the scum of the earth and they should spend the rest of their lives behind bars. I don’t succumb to that line of thinking, quite frankly. I think it is overly simplistic and rather ignorant on the part of many people. One of the things I say is, “How would you feel if that was someone you knew and loved?”I would imagine they would feel a lot differently.

People love to sit on their high horse, judge people, and look down on them. Maybe it makes them feel better about themselves. Everyone makes mistakes. Some mistakes are clearly bigger than others, especially the ones that land you in prison. For the others that have made the bigger mistakes, they will serve the time, pay the price, and it will be an eye-opening experience one would imagine.The thing to remember is have they showed any remorse? Do they feel bad about it? Do they know what they have done? If the answer is yes to all of those questions, I am willing to forgive them but I won’t forget it that is for sure. I would allow them the right to speak to anyone that is willing and able to speak to them, but I know IC Solutions, from reading these reviews is not exactly the nicest company to deal with when it comes to this matter. They even argue with customers!

The Keefe Group Puts the Benefit of Food in Perspective

Food is obviously important. But I think that in many ways it’s so important that people lose sight of that fact. It’s one of the reasons why Thanksgiving is such an important and well respected holiday. People realize the significance of taking a day to appreciate people, but also the food, which enriches their lives. I received another reminder of that fact while reading an article by a prison inmate. There’s certainly a lot of concerns which someone will have to face up to in prison. But the biggest problem he was dealing with involved food. Or to be more precise, a company which sells food within prisons.

The company in question is called the Keefe Group and they’re host to a lot of big issues. One of the most troubling is that they’re setting up an unhealthy dichotomy inside prisons. The public prison systems concentrate on the nutritional content of their meals. It might not taste the best, but it has the nutrients that prisoners need to be their healthiest. This is often the first time in many prisoner’s lives that they’ve felt what it’s like to actually have everything their body needs to thrive.

The Keefe Group is taking that newfound health and throwing it away. To be fair, they’re not forcing junk food on inmates. However, the low quality food they’re selling is always going to top the prison’s healthy options in terms of pure taste. The Keefe Group’s policy of buying the cheapest food and selling it at the highest possible price means that it’s never going to compete with the nutritional qualities of prison food. However, it’s equally clear that the Keefe Group has little interest in even attempting that type of competition.

The Keefe Group is a private company which has somehow managed to leech off money from a publically funded industry. Prisons are supposed to be taking a public problem and using public resources to fix it. The Keefe Group isn’t just disrupting that process with their low quality foods. They’re disrupting the process while also making a huge amount of money. The prisoner who wrote the article found this to be unethical and I can’t help but agree. It’s very clear to me that the role of the Keefe Group in prisons needs to be reconsidered. Or at the very least they need to have some improvements forced onto them in further contracts with the prison system.

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Telmate Bombarded with Numerous Allegations and Complaints

Telmate, initially known as Pinnacle Public Services, was established in 1998. Pinnacle offered services and installation to correctional facilities throughout Northwest. After a duration of time, the company realized that the incarceration community needed a superior communication system. Telmate is customized to provide services to facilities of any size from a cell to federal detention centres. It serves more than 300 correctional facilities in North America and Canada.


Telmate has a mission to protect and serve the community while creating secure technology which will empower the inmates to break the cycle of recidivism. The firm contributes to improving mental health by offering online education, spiritual, legal, and social resources to inmates. Telmate also offers investigative and verification tools to ensure security in correctional institutions.


In the recent past, Telmate has been faced with numerous allegations from clients and competitors such as Securus Technologies. Securus Technologies accused Telmate of unfair competition. According to Securus, the company used defamatory lies and false advertising against the company and its executives to lure away their clients. Telmate had allegedly violated the Lanham Act by giving misleading statements about its success with the intention of getting more clients. Reports showed that Telmate had already signed a contract with 11 former Securus’ customers.


The complainant reported that Telmate’s wanton acts of invading the privacy of Rick Smith and defaming him and making false statements about Securus were contrary to the fundamental notions and law of business proprietary. Securus also accused Telmate of using fake phone numbers to call them to prove to clients that Securus does not pick phone calls.


In addition to Securus Technologies, Telmate has received many complaints from their clients. The customers blame their poor customer care. Clients accuse Telmate of exploiting them when they make a three-way call or forward a call. Though making a three-way call is a violation of prison rules, Telmate does not have to make $25 out of it.


Despite the allegations, Telmate is still focused on offering better services to their clients. The company is devoted to carrying out more developments in the correctional centre. The staff is encouraged to learn from past mistakes and to corporate with each other.


Telmate Provides Inmates with the Necessities to Lower Cases of Recidivism

To some of us, communication is a basic need while to others it may seem like a luxury, specially if you are a prisoner. With the changing technology, people have many options that they can be in touch with their loved ones by sending emails, WhatsApp chats, Facebook, Skype and making calls. Being in touch with your loved ones gives one a sense of happiness and contention knowing that someone somewhere cares. For inmates, being in touch with a family member is very crucial as it lowers the chances of them committing an offense again.


It is this kind of realization that made Telmate to come up with innovative solutions by offering inmates communication services at all time. Telmate offers communication services to inmates in prisons across all states in North America as well as some provinces in Canada. The company relies on the customers’ feedback to improve their services and products. The company strives to provide reliable services that meet the desired security measures. Telmate was started back in 1998 when it was operating under the name Pinnacle Public Services.


Telmate offers telecommunication services to prisoners, keeping in mind the changing technology and strive to offer fair prices to the prisoners, their friends and relatives. Through the technology Telmate sells to the prisons, security is enhanced with monitoring devices and jail management software. Telmate serves all kinds of correctional facilities ranging from small holdings, county jails, big federal prisons, city jails and state DOCs among others.


Telmate works with a team of self-motivated employees who work daily to ensure that all the stakeholders are satisfied. The results obtained from every service offered or every product sold are analyzed fully so that all loopholes can be sealed for better services.


The inmates and prison management does not just choose Telmate to be one of the leading telecommunication service provider. The company is selected and loved due to the consistent high quality services it provides coupled with good customer relations. Telmate changes its services as the technology changes. They also base their services on the number of prisoners in a given prison.


IC Solutions: They Attack Anyone With a Debit Card

I imagine that a lot of people that have used IC Solutions have felt like they were being targeted or IC Solutions only picked on them. After reading up on this company, it is clear they do not pick on a specific person. They go after everyone and anyone. As long as the money is green and they know an inmate behind bars, they are fair game to IC Solutions, the inmate phone service. They must love it, though, when they have a parent/child situation.That is one that is ripe for the picking in their eyes.They know a parent will go into a lion cage to be there for their child. They are well aware of this fact, which is why they charged this poor parent twice and did not allow the phone call to go through either time. This parent lost about one hundred dollars and is not any closer to speaking to their child. How is that a solution for Communication ?

That is a problem and it is magnified because they are left with more questions than answers. For their own sanity, they need to be able to speak to their child. They need to know the child is OK and hanging in there as best as they can be during a very trying time.Without that, they don’t know how they will sleep at night or find any peace, whatsoever. IC Solutions, as a company, is only interested in sad stories for profit. They are not interested in them in terms of IC Solutions being “connected” as they talk about so openly on their official website. They have put up quite a marketing campaign full of lies and deceit. The people are realizing what is going on behind the curtain and they are none too pleased. As you can see, everyone is fair game to them.

Global Tel-Link – Inefficient Customer Services Rages Its Customers

In the field of inmate communications, there are many companies out there that are trying to grab the significant share of this booming market. However, one of the oldest enterprises in this field is Global Tel-Link that has been providing a broad range of correctional services to the area, including the inmate communications, law enforcement technology, investigative technology, payment transfer solutions, voice messaging system, video visitation, and more.

The company offers government information management system, which helps the law enforcement agencies to keep track of the data about the correctional sphere and the legal database. Global Tel-Link helped in ways more than one since its inception in 1980 to integrate technology into the world of prison facilities, but unfortunately, it couldn’t keep pace with many new companies that started their operations around that time or later.

As it is well-known, any booming sector would witness growth, and many new companies would emerge. It is what happened in the correctional sphere, and apart from Global Tel-Link, many other companies surfaced one after the other. They came with even superior technology and provided their services at an even lesser price. It made it difficult for Global Tel-Link to compete, and one of the biggest mistakes that I feel the Global Tel-Link did was to become complacent when it comes to innovation and invention. The technology of Global Tel-Link is far more inferior to that of its counterpart, and the customers of the company continue to give bad reviews to the agency all over the internet.

Since I do not have many options in prison I am in, I have to use Global Tel-Link inmate communication services to stay connected to my family but can say without a second thought that it doesn’t work at all. It only keeps asking for money all the time, and the calls keep dropping. Customer service is inefficient and irresponsive as well.

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What to Expect When Emailing an Inmate via IC Solutions

Trying to communicate with a friend or family member who’s incarcerated can be a challenge. Sometimes it feels like there are more barriers in your way than there are avenues for success. However, if you’re fortunate enough to have a loved one in a facility that uses IC Solutions, you’re in luck. IC Solutions has many options for communicating with those who are incarcerated, even email!

Emailing vs. Post Mail

When you email an incarcerated loved one using IC Solutions’ emailing system, SecureMail, you’ll be surprised at how easy it is to use. You can access the email system right from the IC Solutions website, and your mail will be sent in real time. While there’s still a delay while the contents of your communication are being reviewed, your email is usually in the hands of your loved one within 24 hours. Post mail can take three to five business days to get to the prison, and it can often be many more days after that until the mail is reviewed and delivered.

Restrictions on Content

Different inmates might have different restrictions as to what they can and cannot receive. Whatever your restrictions are for sending post mail, the same restrictions likely apply when emailing your loved one, too. However, you can always check with the facility to make sure. Doing so is the best way to avoid further delays. SecurePhoto is another part of the email services that IC Solutions offers that allows you to send photos to your loved one, as well.

Printed Delivery

If you’re sending family photos or letters you’d like your loved one to have a physical copy of, many facilities will print and physically deliver the contents of your email, as well.Emailing provides a fast, efficient way to communicate with your loved ones who are currently incarcerated. However, IC Solutions offers other ways to connect, as well. From debit accounts to collect calling, IC Solutions provides many ways to stay in touch with those you love.

Source of the article : http://www.prisontalk.com/forums/archive/index.php/t-289944.html

The Keefe Group Only Has Half of the Solution

I think most people don’t really like to dwell on the prison system. It’s obviously an absolute necessity for any civilized society. Crime is going to happen no matter how high a culture’s standard of living. At the same time, there’s going to be a need to rehabilitate prisoners in the most ethical and effective way possible. Still, it’s not a situation I like to really dwell on. But I accidently did get an eye into the prison system when I began reading about a food supply problem. Read more about Keefe Group on prisoncensorship.com

The author, it turned out, is actually a prison inmate. He had some heavy accusations about cruelty within the prison system. But the absolute center of the problem came from an unexpected direction. Apparently, his biggest problem stems from a prison food supply company called the Keefe Group. When I looked into it a bit further the Keefe Group at first appeared to be fairly altruistic. And that really is the biggest problem.

The Keefe Group is meeting a function that’s totally normal in the outside world. They sell candy bars and the like to prisoners. Basically, they handle junk food sales while the prison supplies prisoners with more nutrient dense fare. The reason it’s a problem is that on first glance this seems to be two halves of a problem being met in order to solve the greater whole. But in fact, the two pieces don’t fit together at all. Learn more about Keefe Group on STL Today

The biggest issue is that there’s an artificial distinction being made between food people like to eat and food people need. The ideal meal that I try to make for my family consists of flavorful food that’s also healthy. Taste isn’t really a concern within the main prison system. Meanwhile the food quality isn’t much of a concern with the Keefe Group. Both are well aware that there’s an issue with their food. But both parties also see it as a problem not under their particular job description.

I don’t really know which party needs to step up and talk with the other. But it’s obvious that some changes need to be made. I think that at the very least the Keefe Group should start to put more of an emphasis on food that’s both tasty and nutritious. It’s true that this is more expensive than candy. But the Keefe Group is already pushing their prices so high that I think they have plenty of room to compensate for a small financial loss if it means doing the right thing.

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Telmate’s Vicious Business Cycle

Telmate has not had an easy time in the industry that they are trying to be a part of. They have cheated people, they have lied and they have stolen customers from other companies that were just trying to do the jobs that they had. Telmate does not know how to participate in legal practices and they certainly don’t know how to be fair to their competitors. When this happens, the only people who are hurt by it are the clients. The competitors are still able to succeed and they are actually able to do better than what they were able to do before Telmate ripped them off from the things that they were doing. While Telmate continues to try and rip people off and tries to make things harder on them, they know that they will be able to make a difference for everyone who is in a different situation.


When Telmate originally started as a basic communications company, they are now working to make things better for different people. They try to make things better for people but they just can’t do it. They are a prison industry company and they have come a long way but that is not something that they can continue to do based on the things that they are going to be able to improve upon. For Telmate to be able to do all of this, they have to make sure that they are doing what they can and that they are going to be able to experience everything that there is to offer in their area.


While Telmate enjoys ripping people off and trying things that are not exactly moral, they are still in business. This is something that comes as a surprise to most people and something that can make it harder for them to get the experiences that they need. For Telmate to be able to offer their clients all of these things, they have to lie to them. Not only do they lie directly to their clients but also to their competitors and to people who used to be with their competitors.


Keefe Group Is Involved In Every Aspect Of Prisoner Well-Being

Inmate preservation is big money. There is a lot involved with people who are serving time around the country in jails and prisons. It takes a skilled staff to provide prison inmates with the quality of life that they need while maintaining a safe environment and keeping the peace. Keefe Group has been able to create a number of technological features that make running a prison as easy as it could be. People on the inside have basic needs. Getting them what they expect in order to survive can be complicated. Keefe Group is involved with providing communication, entertainment, commissary, lodging supplies and clothing to those who are serving time on the inside. Know more about Keefe Group on kununu.com

Food and entertainment cost money. These things are provided in prisons and jails, but they are not free. Inmates need a method to purchase the items that they want with a legitimate type of currency. Keefe Group has a prison debit banking system that allows inmates to maintain a financial account in order to purchase the items they desire. The money can be acquired by deposit from those on the outside. There are kiosk available in order for people to physically deposit money for a person that they are trying to take care of in an incarceration facility. Communication services such as phone and email are most popular. Phone calls are paid for by either the inmate or the person that wishes to reach them. A detailed plan allows payments to be made on a periodic basis or as per use. Phone services can be quite expensive. The operation has drawn controversy because Keefe Group maintains contracts with the prisons, which do not allow competition to come in and offer different packages. Read more on Prison Censorship about Keefe Group

The email system is designed to let inmates communicate on a more fluid level, while letting prison staff have the ability to monitor all of the activity. This is much safer than the traditional mail system, which can open the way for contraband to enter the incarceration facility. Keefe Group provides the investigation software for prison officials to monitor all of the conversation activity going on via email in their facility.

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