IC Solutions Is One Phone Call That Will Cost You

When I think of a phone call, I don’t even think about the cost whatsoever. I simply make the phone call and talk to the person without giving it a second thought. It is something I take for granted. However, if you have a loved one in prison and you have to make a phone call to them, it is not something you or the inmate will take for granted. In the following article, http://www.al.com/news/index.ssf/2015/06/the_high_cost_of_a_phone_call.html, one woman details her struggles and it is quite sad to say the least, as it costs her one hundred dollars a month to talk to her son over the phone in prison.

This is just for calling one person. Many people don’t even pay that to have a phone with text messaging, data, Internet, and telephone calls. However, it is because of IC Solutions, an inmate communications provider. They know that these people are low-income and they know how desperate they are to speak to their loved ones. They will go above and beyond just to hear their voice. People don’t understand the power of that phone call and how much it can help an inmate that is going through a tough time. See, http://icsolutions.pissedconsumer.com/state/arizona.html.

It is part of the rehabilitation process for them. They need that to get through those days where it feels like nothing is going right and everything is going wrong. They feel scared for their lives and they are frightened by the entire process. Of course, they have to serve their time, but they need some positive phone calls, therapy, and help in order to get home and start the second chapter of their lives. That is not how they want it to end in prison. They want to write a story where they can be better and learn from it. Read more about the company on the State Journal Register.


Keefe Group Promotes Business and Economics in Correctional Facilities

Keefe group has become a prominent firm due to the exceptional vending services it provides to inmates in correctional facilities. Keefe has expanded over the years and has managed to offer its services to almost all prisons in the United States. One of the key officials who have managed to make this company one of the leading service providers is Mr. Jack Donnelley. The company has managed to acquire other companies under its umbrella such as G.T Enterprise, previously owned by Cecil McCrory. Acquisition of G.T Enterprise is a clear indication that the firm is committed to addressing the special needs of its clients. For decades, Keefe Group has managed to offer jobs to hundreds of people countrywide.

Services offered by Keefe Group

This company according to website kingfish1935, has managed to get major contracts thereby maximizing their profits. It has made lives a bit easier in prisons. Inmates now have access to items like tobacco, which they can smoke to cool their nerves and pass time. With the provision of electronic equipment for example MP3, inmates can now download the latest music thereby keeping up with the music trending in the outside world. Well-packaged healthy foods, such as candy bars have been made available for inmates at the prisons’ canteen. Personal hygienic products (combs) that were previously not issued at the prisons are now vended at affordable prices.

Positive impact

Thanks to Keefe Group, harmony has been restored in the prisons. Imagine a prison where inmates solely depend on what the government offers them – it would be chaotic. Keefe Group has also played a vital role in strengthening the relationships between prisoners and their family members and friends. Today, incarcerated persons can communicate with their loved ones by leveraging Keefe’s calling services.

Restoring order in correctional facilities

Keefe Group has a unique and reliable way of keeping all incarcerated persons accounted for through the Keep Track System, the renowned software; it introduced 20 years ago. Keefe’s system consists of diverse programs, which focus on managing information for correctional agencies. Its systems comprise of a broad range of features like inmate property, finance interfaces, and cash management. Read more on Tampabay.com.


Growing Concerns over the Keefe Group and a Possible Monopoly Status

I’m an avid fan of real life mysteries. As such, the modern revival of the genre in radio and podcast form has been amazing for me. But there’s been one unique twist on it. Many of those shows feature interviews with people in prison. And it’s given enough of a look into that system to really spark both my curiosity and inner detective. And it’s also led me to a rather shockingly mysterious collective known as the Keefe Group. I first found out about them through the angry writings of a prisoner.

But looking into prisoncensorship.info further showed something even beyond his complaints. It’s less about food, and more about the mechanisms of supply and demand inside a prison. Prisons are about as close to a closed economy as one will ever find. Prisoners can’t go out and buy from a competitor. And the prison system itself usually makes use of contracts which ensure that a vendor will never have to worry about any price competition within the system. A setup where people can set any price they want results in pretty much exactly what one would expect. The Keefe Group, in particular, seems to be notorious for their habits of selling cheap items at very high markups. This is even worse when one considers that the money prisoners have is usually provided by taxpayers. A small amount of funds can be earned by prisoners who work inside the prison system.

What this means is that their small amount of money, from taxpayers such as myself, isn’t going to funds to help prisoners on release. Instead it’s being used for comfort items such as microwavable noodles or music. All priced at an absurdly high markup. This essentially means that taxpayers are being drained so that the people within the Keefe Group can get even richer than they already are. Meanwhile prisoners are being left penniless on release.

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IC Solutions Does Not Put Family First

Anyone with a heart cares about people with a family and the family in particular. It means something to people and it is special. IC Solutions a jail phone services provider must come from very bad families or not have a good moral fiber. Maybe they just do not care about family and it means nothing to them. Whatever the case is, they are ripping off families left and right with their inmate communications service. Number one, the fact they call themselves solutions is an outright disgrace as they have offered their customers nothing but headaches and no solutions, whatsoever. Number two, they make communication very difficult, as people pay money and don’t even get to speak to their loved ones or they get charges for things that are baffling and confusing. Check out this ripoffreport.com article from last year for further proof.

Anyone that has ever picked up a book on psychology knows that in order for someone to recover from something, they need a solid support group. They need people that are going to encourage them, fight for them, and be there for them. They need to shoot it straight with them and let them know they are disappointed in them for ending up in prison and for what they have done. They can’t tip toe around that. However, once they vent and let it all out, they need to let them know they still love them and they know they are better than this. They can and will recover from this and it will make them a better person in the long run. The days and hours might seem endless, but there is light at the end of the tunnel.

For IC Solutions, this means nothing to them. They lack empathy and sympathy and they are truly cretins that are completely incompetent.


How Much is a Phone Call Worth to You?

How much would you be willing to pay for a phone call? In today’s extremely connected world, most people aren’t willing to pay all that much. In fact, few people even think about how a single phone call used to come with a specific price. Everyone is used to simply paying for a monthly data package on their phone to take care of everything. Unfortunately, this type of thinking can change very quickly after someone you loved is locked up behind bars. This is because phone calls to prisoners are not cheap.

In case you are wondering, a phone call to a prisoner is likely to cost upwards of $1.22 a minute. This is an outrageous rate! Many people wonder how it can possibly cost so much to dial up a prisoner. In truth, it’s all thanks to the company Global Tel-Link. Global Tel-Link is the telephone company that services calls to prisoners throughout almost all of America. Global Tel-Link is able to maintain this monopoly (https://consumerist.com/2014/12/18/long-after-serial-season-is-over-global-tel-link-will-keep-charging-inmates-outrageous-phone-fees/) through securing exclusive contracts with prisons. This means Global Tel-Link is faced with zero competition. Knowing their consumers have nowhere else to go, Global Tel-Link charges an outrageous phone rate and numerous fees. These fees are crazy! You have to pay a fee to open or close an account. You even need to pay a fee to deposit money into your account. You can imagine how all of that money can quickly add up.

What does all of this mean? First as explained by PR News, it means that Global Tel-Link hauls in a killer profit. Second, it means that the friends and families of prisoners constantly suffer. Global Tel-Link’s near monopoly means some families need to chose between paying the rent or calling up a husband or father. This has got to stop. Find out what you can do to help stop this. To learn more, watch the YouTube video that explains the alleged wrong doings by Global Tel.


The Keefe Group: A Leader in IT Solutions For Jails and Prisons

The Keefe Group offers brilliant IT solutions for correctional facilities in North America. One of the company’s first software programs is the KeepTrak Inmate Banking system. For more than 20 years, this technology has helped jails and prisons handle the finances of inmates. The KeepTrak platform can be utilized to precisely trace financial transactions that involve incarcerated individuals. Sometimes, this software has led to crackdowns on illegal gang-related activities such as money laundering and more. The KeepTrak system is also designed to work well with the firm’s other solutions such as the Access Secure Intake machine. This unit can securely accept cash deposits by inmates or their affiliates. The Access Secure Intake technology has gradually eliminated the need for correctional facilities to support full-time positions such as clerks.

The Keefe Group also designed the Offender Manager Suite (OMS) for correctional agencies in the United States. This software is optimized to manage various operations involving parole officers and parolees. For example, the OMS platform includes powerful utilities such as Electronic Health Records, Food Service Management and Investigation System. The OMS technology is also designed to communicate with the databases of jails, prisons, sheriff’s offices and other establishments in the criminal justice system. It’s also possible to sync this platform with records that are released by courts.

Throughout the years, the Keefe Group has genuinely served the interests of inmates nationwide (see, http://www.prisoncensorship.info/article/fight-keefe-food-group-corruption/). One of the company’s most notable innovations is the Edge kiosk. Featuring the Access Secure Mail, this unit gives incarcerated people simple ways to read messages from loved ones and friends. Every email that comes into the Edge kiosk has to be reviewed by security personnel in the given facility. The Access Secure Mail can be monitored through a technology that is called Word Watch, which analyzes strings of text for suspicious patterns. Read more about Keefe on cdispatch.com.


The Keefe Group Is Keeping Things Right

As an individual that does not have much to do with correctional facilities, I found my research on Tampa Bay Times into the Keefe Group to be very interesting. The Keefe Group has been around since 1975. They serve in the correctional market, and they provide products that are made with specific packaging in order to service the needs of those correctional facilities. The Keefe Group has many other affiliates such as The Keefe supply company, The Keefe Commissioning Network, Access Securepak, and Advanced Technology Group. The Keefe Group is the main supplier of personal-care products, electronics, technology, clothing, and much more.

The technology that the Keefe Group is able to bring to these different correctional facilities is amazing. They are able to help inmates and their families to stay connected through their inmate phone system and their inmate kiosks. The inmates can use this phone system to add money and to call their family. Their family can do the same thing when they want to call them. The Keefe Group also offers debit release cards and deposit services, in that way, inmates can use their money for different telecommunication services. The Keefe Group is also dedicated to keeping the community safe, since that is the case, they also offer a lot of investigative software to ensure the security of the correction facilities that they service.

According to kingfish blog, there are literally millions of individuals that are in different correctional facilities all across the United States. The fact that they have to be contained in the manner that they are is very disappointing, but it is interesting to see that there are many companies that make their living from providing different types of assistance to correctional facilities. The Keefe Group is an interesting company that has been around for a long time, and their services have made life easy for individuals that work in correctional facilities and for the families of inmates.


IC Solutions Delivers Inmate Communication Services of the Highest Quality

IC Solutions is a top provider of personalized inmate communication services. The telecommunication giant has earned the reputation of its customers due to its dedication to excellence and willingness to solve complex challenges that correctional facilities encounter. The firm has diversified its portfolio of services to cater for the growing client base and expanding addressable market. Since its inception, IC Solutions has dedicated its resources, time, and effort towards ensuring incarcerated individuals are communicating with their loved ones.

Products and solutions

Video visitation

The video visitation feature has placed IC Solutions at the helm of corrections market. This feature saves clients real money and time. It allows families and friends of the imprisoned person to schedule a visitation from their homes. All they need for the video visitation feature to work is the Internet and a computer.

Automated Information Line

This Interactive Voice Response platform delivers an automated phone reply to questions (frequently asked) from detainees and family members. When introduced into the Jail Management System of the facility, it can recover and present new inmate data like release date, bond amount, as well as upcoming court appearances.

Inmate Voicemail

Jail phone services system alerts detainees when a new message is sent to them, and once the incarcerated person gains access to the phone, she or he can listen to the message.

Kiosks and a full-time customer service

Kiosks specialize in collecting money from newly imprisoned persons in a safe and secure fashion. IC Solutions provides a full-time support to help the user with the queries, payments, billing issues, and setup of a prepaid account.


Prepaid Account: allows clients to receive detainees’ call when they are using cell phones, when local telephone firm does not provide collect calls’ billing, and when the phone number exceeds the approved spending limit, especially for the collect calls.

Debit Telephone Account: it is perhaps the easiest method of setting up an Account and after payment completion; the detainee can call any number.

Collect Calling: through this option, incarcerated person can call any number, provided it is approved by the correctional facility. Check out ripoffreport.com‘s review of IC Solutions.



My Journey and Thoughts While Researching the Keefe Group

When I first began my research on the Keefe Group, I started with their website (Keefe Group Website) to see what I was working with. A large corporation providing commissary services in prisons nation-wide. They are embedded in a market that will always have a use for them. Smart business plan, Keefe Group. But something seemed fishy, so I soldiered on with my research.

The next article I read on prisoncensorship.info was a cry for action against Keefe Group from an inmate. They screamed injustice and abuse from the corporation. I moved on to keywords with tangible facts.

After reading article after article about what Keefe Group is, their founding corporation, and what services and products they provide- I found it. Allegations of bribery were filed against two businessmen who were awarded sections of a Florida prison after the Keefe Group had signed a contract with the prison. These two men, Joseph Arthur Deese and Edward Lee Dugger, were selling commissary and insurance (Dugger was all Allstate Insurance Agent) at the prison and bringing money back to other influential men in the prison and the Keefe Group. They plead guilty due to a recording that proved their lack of innocence(Article Here).

These people may be locked behind bars for their crimes, but they are there for only two reasons. Confinement. Rehabilitation. They do not have the option between Walmart or Target, and commissary is their market. Jacking up prices (http://kingfish1935.blogspot.com/2014/11/prisoners-are-money-keefe-404-million-g.html) and discouraging thousands of inmates to put an extra hand-tailored suit in your closet is not fair to these people. They are humans too.

The Keefe Group has the appearance, potential, and quite obviously the drive to be an incredible asset to the prisons and their inmates. But stealing money from those who live in a metal box is not honest work.


Call rate cuts in effect after APSC’s order on private phone companies

I have been a part of the vicious circle of private phone companies like IC solutions that have been constantly skimming money off my account on the pretext of some or the other charges that stem up on a monthly basis. I have a sister in the Julia Tutwiler prison for women based out of Wetumpka. Martha has a kid of 6 who just started schooling and asks for his mother constantly. I am not allowed to take calls from her until I pre pay for it separately since these calls are not billed with your phone bills. I had an initial mill account set up for calling my sister for which I was charged separately but after checking my bank account a few days after that, they were charging me separately for an account with the inmate facility.

Dropped calls made aren’t refundable which automatically say that the money can’t be refunded due to my phone’s quality which is very troubling.

Recently revealed by ripoffreport.com after the Alabama Public Service commission ordered to cap the fees and cut the rates that private phone companies have been charging throughout the US, there has been some changes in the charges that have reduced by almost half of what relatives of inmates had to pay for calling their loved ones in prison. The calls I used to make initially to Martha used to come up to $6.75 for a 15 minute call. This has now come down to #3.75 after the recent implementation of the court’s order.

There is also a new initiative taking in effect at the Sangamon Jail county where one can have a one on one with their family and friends from the jail premises via a video screen. If this came into effect I would be able to save a lot of money taking Martha’s kid from Troy to Wetumpka every month end to meet his mother which is a 63 miles journey. The country has contracted with IC solutions to implement this initiative which I am looking forward to since the telephone rates will be slashed as well.