Is Global Tel-Link Stupid?

A lot of people think that Global Tel-Link is stupid. Why do people think this? The reason why such a thought would cross a person’s mind is because of the fact that Global Tel-Link charges stupidly tall prices for their inmate phone call services. This puts a lot of poor souls into debt. It also keeps a lot of poor souls from from having long, substantial conversations with their loved ones.


Global Tel-Link doesn’t think that they are being stupid by charging the prices that they charge. Of course, they are the ones who are making money off of their businesses practices. They are actually being smart when it comes to their own interests. They do not care whether or not people have to budget their money and limit their time with their incarcerated relatives.



Local politicians and government workers are also pretty smart, too, because they have their own hands in the pot of gold. They get a cut of the loot that Global Tel-Link earns by gypping people. There are sanctioned business practices where local politicians and government workers openly ask for handouts from Global Tel-Link. These business practices include contracts where phone companies are supposed to give riches and supplies to facilities.



The masses in America are not very smart, because many people do not pay mind to this issue until the problem hits their lives. Millions of people are preoccupied with all sorts of abstract issues that never have definitive answers, though they do not pay any mind to the issues that have more definitive answers. For example, there are people out there who believe that a politician saying something petty and ridiculous constitutes as a good reason to go crazy and riot, though they are not rioting over the fact that people’s lives are being ruined via high inmate phone bills.


Should Inmate Communication Companies be Regulated?

Something anyone should know about inmate communications is that up until 1990, calls between inmates and family only cost what the phone company would charge anyone outside prison walls. Then large tech communication companies started to gain contracts with jails and prisons and that is when the fees and costs of inmate communications started to rise.


One of those companies who is a major players in the arena of inmate communication is Global Tel-Link. At one time or another this industry leader has owned at least, if not more than a 50 percent share of the inmate communication market. They have also been a leader in telecommunication platforms creating more robust avenues for inmates to communicate with family and friends. Part of the cost of doing business and having so many advanced technologies does cost a lot of money, money found through fees and higher cost-per-minute charges.


However, for those who wish to log a simple phone call, perhaps the basic cost of the local phone company would suffice. In a more perfect world, some families cannot afford to travel great distances for an in-person visit, so some face time through one of Global Tel-Link’s communication systems is a lot more affordable and quicker than a prison site visit.


While federal agencies like the Federal Communications Commission would like more oversight and regulation in this billion dollar industry, that type of regulation does destroy free enterprise for American companies. However, if not kept in check, friends and families of inmates might incur too many fees and will not be able to pay the steep prices of communication.


With the world moving toward improved and more advanced telecommunications, it is inevitable for companies like Global Tel-Link not to profit from sharing their advances with the world. The only throwback would be to still discount regular phone calls.


How Telmate Helps The Incarcerated Stay In Touch With Family

When a loved one is imprisoned, it’s essential for them to maintain contact with their families and with the outside world. Studies have shown that education, substance abuse treatment, and reentry programs help reduce recidivism (the likelihood a prisoner will be re-arrested), but positive connections with family and friends are also vital.


Telmate, a prison telephone services company based in Oregon, provides inmate communications technology, inmate content, and tools for correctional facility staff to improve their investigations. Telmate has been in the business for over 10 years and is committed to reducing recidivism. GettingOut is Telmate’s inmate communications platform: users set up an account, deposit money to their incarcerated loved one, and are then able to start chatting. In addition to phone calls and messaging, users are able to schedule video visits, either at the facility, on their home computer, or through the Visit Now app.


While Telmate has received some praise for its products, the company is not without controversy. Multiple customers have complained about how difficult it is to deposit money in their loved one’s phone account, and how the cost of phone calls has become prohibitively expensive.


The Prison Policy Initiative found in a 2012 study that the contracts prison phone companies have with state correctional facilities often includes a promise for “kickbacks,” or commissions, to the state, often in the form of shared revenue. Because consumers have little to no alternative for getting in touch with their incarcerated loved one, they are forced to pay these high fees.


Telmate has a presence in over 300 correctional facilities across North America and Canada, but in 2011 Securus Technologies – a rival prison communications firm – filed an unfair competition suit against Telmate, arguing that Telmate allegedly used false advertising to gain customers away from Securus.


Global Tel-Link Dominates the Prison Phone Industry

There are more people imprisoned in the United States than in any other country. All of these people need to be able to talk to the people they love. This task is made much more difficult than it would otherwise by because of the fact that many companies that provide prison phone service are greedy. There is an epidemic going on right now in the prison phone industry. Companies keep jacking up their rates so that they are so high that many of the inmates cannot make calls. Global Tel-Link is one of the prison phone providers that has become infamous for this practice.


Global Tel-Link services a large amount of prisons that are located all across North America. The company continues to grow because prisons find them to be very easy to work with. Their phone service is reliable and does not have many technical problems. The prisons that sign contracts with Global Tel-Link do not care how much they charge the inmates to make calls. It is of no concern to them. All the prisons want is a company that will make sure their phone service is always working. Global Tel-Link fits that description perfectly.


Global Tel-Link keeps adding prison clients at a much faster rate than any of the competing prison phone providers. This has a lot to do with the fact that Global Tel-Link has been around for a very long time. Therefore, they are not an unknown quantity to the prisons they are doing business with. The prisons know exactly who they are dealing with. This has made many prisons interested in doing business with them. There is no question that the profits generated by Global Tel-Link are far greater than any of their competitors. The company shows no signs of losing their popularity in the industry.


Keefe Group’s Excellent Products in Prison Facilities

Keefe Group is among the best corporations that are in charge of correctional amenities all over the United States. It is the best since many prisons have communicated with the firm so that it can offer a wide selection of services. The firm has its offices in St.Louis, Missouri. It includes a number of enterprises that work in various places in the US. The organization began its work in the year 1975 and has ensured that the prisons are served well by getting excellent products. The services of the firm are extraordinary and groundbreaking. Their solutions make the operations easier in the prisons.


Keefe Group is in charge of six businesses that provide various solutions to American correctional facilities. The businesses are such as; IC Solution, Advanced Technologies Group, Access Securepak, Keefe Commissary Network, Keefe Supply Company, and Access Corrections. These companies managed by the group have majored in telecommunication, the offering personal care products, software, packaged foods and electronics that are relied on by the prisons. So far the various offices of the Keefe Group have been recognized for their good work as manufacturers that take care of the requirements of the consumers.


Furthermore, their customer service is excellent. Keefe Group stands out because of its great creativity in all their products. Their first deal in the prison industry was to serve at the Florida Prison by selling coffee. Moreover, their services get higher each day. One of the achievements of Keefe group is being known to be the biggest supplier to the correctional sector.


Another success of the organization is being the founder of various services. The firm has come up with excellent Kiosk machines that are able to perform as safe financial management gears for the prisoners. Keefe Group has been able to communicate with the U.S federal government and they have a contract to provide the best entertainment and technology products to a number of prisons. Furthermore, the firm has also been employed by well-known brands to supply packaging solutions. The company is committed to establishing progressive technologies that offer solutions to any difficulties that clients undergo. Keefe group is a front-line firm in the prison industry due to its products.


Driven by Compassion, Generosity, and Responsibility, Telmate is Committed See Security Upheld Without Overlooking the Welfare of Inmates

About a decade ago, Telmate emerged and took over the inmate communication industry with its innovative solutions. Having been in the industry since 1998 operating as Pinnacle Public Service, Telmate understands well the needs of the industry. It was by then engaged as a service and installment company for the Northwest inmate communications firms. Being on the ground gave it the opportunity to spot the gaps that were there regarding quality, reliable, innovative and secure communications. The company stepped in, rebranded and has since grown to be a leader in San Francisco and beyond.


Products and Services


Currently, Telmate serves over 300 correctional facilities in North America. It is preferred by most for its excellent customer care and dedication to the inmates and the communities. Telmate takes the clients complaints as a basis to improve on service. The products available are created with the security of the communities, correctional facilities officials and inmates in mind. The ultimate mission of the firm is to ensure that inmates never fall back to crime once they are released. Constant communication with their loved ones is very instrumental in ensuring that the above is achieved. This fact explains why Telmate provides modern yet affordable communication tools including phones and tablets and video visitations. The firm also believes in the good mental health of inmates. At this length, it provides online learning materials covering the areas of social, legal and spirituality. The communities and facilities are also kept secure with verification and investigative tools that are helpful in solving crimes. The facilities can run paperless with the firm’s digitization solutions.




Besides caring for inmates, Telmate is committed to giving back to the communities. The needy come first for the company who are cared for under the Telmate Cares Program. Telmate is very generous to the families of the law enforcement officers who lose their lives in the line of duty. It ensures that their basic needs are catered for under the Fallen Heroes Program. The company holds the citizens who use its products to uphold security in high regard. They are often honored under the Telmate Heroes in a bid to inspire others to start using the services.


Prison Calls are Hurting Families of the Incarcerated

Calling prisons and Jails has become an expensive affair. The price for calling someone in prison is too high and can go up to $13 per 15-minute call. In the same vein, making a non-prison call within Pennsylvania is about 60 cents. As if that is not enough the private prison phone company charges a service charge immediately one deposits his phone account. Most families of convicts are forced to part with huge sums of money just to communicate with their loved ones.



In earlier years prisoners were able to make and receive calls from lawyers and family members at the same rates as non-prison calls. However, this has changed tremendously because private phone companies are charging prisoners and their families more than what the traditional phone companies are charging. These companies are setting high rates by phone charges in and out of prison making a lot of money in the process. It is a big business because about 500 million jail, and prison calls can be made each year translating to about 6 billion minutes per year.



Rights groups and families of incarcerated individuals have lodged complaints to the Federal Communications Commision to reign in on these companies. Global Tel-Link Corp and Securus Technology are the two dominant players in the industry and have been taking turns providing communication services in jails and prisons.



Global -Tel is known to control about 50% market for correctional institutions. However, the company was sold in 2011 for a price amounting to $1 billion to American Securities. The main bone of contention is concession fees paid by the phone companies to local prison systems. These commissions help to push up phone charges in prison. These fees, are, however, legal and cover specific services within and outside the prison.

The Great Achievements of Keefe Group

Keefe Group has emerged to be a leader in the correctional facility, and their high services have acquired them an excellent reputation. The firm was first established in the twentieth century and started from humble backgrounds before developing its operations in many parts of the United States. A significant number of correctional facilities have relied on their services for their continuation and proper management of the prison facilities. Keefe group has always exercised diversity in their operations, and besides selling clothing’s and technological music devices to the correctional services, the firm also offers food and beverages to the facilities.

The firm’s ability to secure their packaging has seen it gain a lot of reputation in the correctional industry. They have always adopted the use of pouches to package their foods and beverages, ranging from cheese, chili, refried beans, carbonated drinks, among many others. Keefe Group believes that the use of the pouches has helped to ensure that the inmates do not sneak any weapons and unwanted devices to the cell rooms that would be a threat to the law enforcers as well as to their fellow inmates. The firm has therefore played an enormous role in preventing crime in the correctional facilities as well as increasing the security in the cells hence preventing the rapid deaths that used to occur in the ancient years.

Keefe Group recently landed a lucrative opportunity to supply goodies to the Missouri Department of Corrections last year, and the firm has brought significant changes in the facilities since its launch. Through the deal, the company has provided inmates with extra pleasure outside the cell rooms with the aim of helping them to learn from the outside world and successful individuals. Their services and mentorship programs, which they conduct through the use of the technological devices that they sell to the inmates have served a significant role in changing the characters as well as attitudes of most inmates. The great inspiration that Keefe Group has brought to the correctional facilities has resulted to most inmate’s striving to change their evil ways of life and adopting new ones to help them in being better and valuable individuals.


The Excessive Fees Being Charged To Inmates And Their Families By Global Tel-Link

Since the arrest of Anthony Kofalt, his wife has been spending $60 every week to call him in prison. The price is $12.95 for a call lasting fifteen minutes, and outside of prison the cost drops to roughly 60 cents. For every $25 deposit Ms. Kofalt makes she is charged a $6.95 service charge. Since she does not drive, phone calls are her only communication with her husband.


The rates to make and receive calls for inmates were not very different from outside the prisons until the 1990’s. This is now an industry worth $1.2 billion per year, and dominated by companies like Global Tel-Link. A few private companies control the prison phone system industry, and set fees and rates in the jails and prisons in all 50 states much higher than commercial providers. Due to the considerable amount of business, private equity firms have started looking not the high fees.


The Federal Communications Commission has started investigating prison phone companies after years of complaints from families of the prisoners, and groups for prison-rights. In the past, this industry has been mostly unregulated. The heart of the inquiry concerns concession fees totaling millions of dollars, and paid to the local and state prisons by the phone companies for exclusive contracts. These fees raise the phone charges to as much as $1.22 a minute. Many phone service companies say they must charge a minimum of 20 cents a minute despite the 4 cent a minute commercial rate.


According to the FCC, concession fees totaling $460 million were paid in 2013 to prisons, jails, and local, county, and state governments. These fees encompass a wide variety of expenses and are legal inside and outside of the prisons. A ruling regarding the possible ban on concession fees, and a limit to prison phone call costs is expected from the agency this year.


IC Solutions: They Keep On Misleading The People

IC Solutions is the kind of company that loves to mislead the people. They have become quite skilled at it, almost too good. Although, honestly, it is not something they should be proud of, at all. They should be mortified by how they conduct themselves. There is no rhyme or reason for what they do other than money. That is the driving force behind the company. It is what gets them up in the morning and it is what makes them the happiest. When it comes to money, there is never enough money to make them happy. It is why they steal from parents that are trying to reach their child behind bars. It did not take long for this parent to figure out what the game was with IC Solutions after they lost nearly one hundred dollars trying to reach their son.

I’m sure many of you reading this are parents and would be very upset and sad if you were unable to talk to your child behind bars. It would be a source of great stress and anxiety. You would be sick to your stomach. This is what IC Solutions is putting their customers through each and every day they are open for business. After all, they are a prepaid phone company, so all they have to do is patch the call through. It is not like they don’t have their money. They just want more money from the people, and it seems like no matter what the final amount ends up being, it is still not good enough for them. They want just a little bit more, heck a lot more. They don’t stop for one second and realize how harrowing and traumatic this is for the inmate and their families. That would require compassion and to see someone or something other than themselves.

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