Prison Is Tough But IC Solutions Is Tougher

I’ve never been in prison, thankfully, but from what I’ve seen on TV and from what I’ve heard, it is no picnic. I imagine that once someone is in there, their goal is to get out as soon as possible and return to a normal life. Most criminals know what they have done and they want to get back to their families as soon as they possibly can and have a regular life. They want to be able to go for walks, hold their loved ones, go back to work, and be a productive member of society once again and never return to prison.

However, I’m not naive to think it is that easy. Depending on the time they have to spend in prison, there is a lot to go through as far as ups and downs. It is a matter of survival in prison. That is why they rely on speaking to their loved ones and having a support system to let them know this is not permanent and there is light at the end of the tunnel. It can be easy to get down there, I imagine, and feel rather hopeless. The only thing they have to look forward to is speaking to their family and getting some encouragement.

I read a link recently from, which really shed some light on what is happening with IC Solutions, an inmate communications provider. The person said their whole business is a scam and they are ripping people off. This just shows they have zero interest in the well being of anyone. They only care about themselves. They do not care if someone is in prison and struggling and can’t speak to their loved ones. That is of no interest whatsoever to them. This makes the redemption process ten times harder if they can’t speak to their family on a consistent basis.

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The Impact of the Keefe Group to Correctional Facilities

Talk of companies serving the U.S correction centers, then Keefe Group is one of the largest. The company specializes in supplying food, clothing, personal care, technology, software solutions among other products to correction facilities.
The organization has been there for forty-one years serving the correctional market. Furthermore, it was the first company to apply technology, package, and mold the products to suit the centers across the U.S.

Keefe Group is the number one supplier of almost all the goods used by the correctional institution. The success comes from the many lucrative contracts the corporation receives from the state and federal systems across the U.S. Also; it is part of the Centric Group LLC.

Additionally, the Keefe works in close cooperation with its affiliates to achieve the tremendous success. They include Keefe Supply, Keefe Commissary Network, Access Corrections, IC Solutions, Access Securepak, and Advanced Technologies Group. Through these, subsidiaries, Keefe enhances communication and entertainment for the prisoners. Moreover, it makes it easier for the inmates to conduct financial transactions and talk with their relatives.

The company dedicates in delivering solutions made specifically to meet the needs of the correctional facilities. Fundamentally, the group ensures that customers derive maximum utility from their diverse products.

The Corporation according to, provides a broad range of services to the correctional facilities. Some of the services include accessing secure data detectives, deposits, intakes, mail, and photo among others.

Keefe makes huge revenues from the services they offer to the inmates. For instance, they process prisoners’ deposits and assuring them of their exclusive rights to benefit from their talents.

Moreover, the company participates in humanitarian activities. It was among the firms that gave relief aid to the victims of the hurricane disaster. Furthermore, it collaborates with Discovering Options to provide after-school programming to children at risk. The move is to ensure that the children living in impoverished areas avoid substance abuse. Read more about the Keefe group on


IC Solutions Providing the Best Services

With more and more industries expanding, one industry in particular is an industry that has received less attention from the outside world. This industry is the communication industry that connects prison inmates with loved ones. Though the conviction of a convict is often found to be final, what occurs within the prison is often unknown to the outside world. In present day, there are multiple companies that are continuously expanding more and more as the demand to connect with loved ones grow. Though a conviction may seem final, it is the belief of these communication industries that inmates and their loved ones should not be disconnected no matter how long the sentence.
In recent SJR news, many communication businesses such as Securus Technologies have been accused of corruption within the industry by not only charging a monopolistic price of the means of communication, but also by adding value to the phone call or video call that was conducted by the inmate and their loved one. With millions of inmates across North America looking to keep in contact with their sibling, child, or even spouse, it is not fair for the communication business to overcharge the client. In the world of business, business is business.

One company in particular that has taken a stance against corruption within this industry is a company that is known as IC Solutions (see; This company offers clients of this company a user-friendly way to get the best services. IC Solutions provides some of the most advanced technology for connecting with loved ones whether it be by email, video chat, or even by phone call. To assure the customers that there is a fixed rate for the call, IC Solutions even has the client of the company pay in advance to make sure that extra money is not deducted from the account. Read more on


Investigators New Software Tool

JLG Technologies, provides software for correctional investigators across the country. Recently, they released a new software that should make a big impact in the correctional software industry. The name of the software is Investigator Pro 4.0 and the software makes it extremely easy to search by voice. Certainly, correctional investigators spend a lot of time going through phone calls trying to quickly identify subjects on the line through various methods. Those methods might seem slow compared to the powerful new tool that JLG Technologies released. Now, the correctional investigators simply take a sample of the voice and a few seconds later, they identify the callers.

Gang Related
Often, it is difficult to sort through the calls and identify the gang related activity that might be going on before the prison’s very nose. Investigator Pro 4.0 is designed with a voice search capability that easily identifies the subjects on a telephone call. Investigators are now able to use this powerful voice search tool to identify callers and the inmates that they call on a regular basis. The software also has the capability to identify former inmates or recently released inmates. This is a way to sort through contacts and identify those that are connected to gang related activity or other criminal activity of interest to the correctional facility.

Lasting Love Made Possible With Securus VOIP In Prisons

It is very hard in a relationship if one of the partnership is sentenced to prison. It puts distance between the couple and there is always a wonder or a doubt about what the other is doing. Phone calls are very impersonal and limited if using the pay phone in the middle of the pool of convicted individuals. The noise is disrupting and it is almost impossible for you to carry on a good clear conversation. These type phone calls cost money and there must be money in the convict’s account to call.

Securus Technologies recently implemented a program using VOIP or voice over internet protocol. This technology uses the internet to call. Inmates can speak with their spouse or girlfriends and see them by video at the same time. This system is put into homes and the prison when a father is in jail or a mother is sentenced to prison. It helps them remain part of the family and the responsibility of parenting does not fall strictly on the parent that is at home.

Securus VOIP will help with so many issues today involving inmates in prison. Prisoners that can speak with and see their loved ones will be less likely to break out of prison. They can handle important business together and prisoners can witness first accomplishments of their children. The prisoner can see a babies first smile, first step, or first word on the VOIP system. This can help save relationships and it saves money if the family does not have the funds to travel to visitor day.

In order for a prisoner to use the Securus system, they will have to go through several things such as a background check for both parties. They have to put money towards the calls like purchasing a plan. They also have to agree to monitor. The calls will have a monitor going and record of the calls will be saved for up to 10 years in a case of evidence. Check out the article on to learn more about the wonderful program that can save families.

IC Solutions Improve Inmate Communications

Is one of your family members or friends in a jail or prison? Do you want to set up jail phone services between you and your loved one? IC Solutions can help you communicate with your loved ones using pre-paid calling accounts.
“Changing Inmate Phone Call Rules”

Of course, someone in a jail or prison might be lonely, they want to remain connected to their loved ones. They might want to know how their son is doing in school. Previously, you might have been able to receive “collect calls” from an inmate.

Unfortunately, “collect calls” are only allowed between land-line telephones, which have a third-party billing agreement established. The land-line receiving the “collect calls” must be in good standing, having made timely telephone payments.

After 2008, financial companies started to cut back on accounts that might have been less than stellar. Many phone companies will establish a maximum limit on how many “collect calls” that you can receive each month. If you no longer have a land-line, but enjoy digital or VOIP telephone service, then it might also be difficult to receive the same “collect calls” from inmates.

“How can I complete inmate calls?”

So what is the answer? You still probably want to stay connected to your family member or friend in jail. They will want to tell you about how they are doing, set up visitation and organize who will meet them on their release date. IC Solutions is the answer.

We, at IC Solutions allow you to set up a “Prepaid Account.” You can ensure that the inmate can contact you, by prepaying your telephone bill. For more information, visit us online at ( or you can call our friendly, knowledgeable customer service representatives at 888-506-8407. IC Solutions helps you stay connected. Learn more about IC Solutions on


FCC Orders Telecommunication Providers To Decrease Call Charges To U.S. Prisons

For years, families of prisoners had to spend a considerable proportion of their paycheck just to contact their loved ones in prisons. For some of these families, the cost of calling inmates was so high that they had to forego basic necessities like food and medicine to he make phone calls. Those who understand the dynamics of prison communication industry also know that a typical telephone bill to the various prison facilities in the nation can be more than $500.

Unfortunately, the public had little control over their phone bills or the telephone rates. The lack of control is the result of agreements between private telephone companies and prison facilities. These agreements give widespread authority to such companies to manipulate call rates. The impact of the high call rates is felt by prisoners and struggling families.

Recently, the Federal Communication Commission has taken notice of the high call rates. A verdict in late 2015, forced private telecommunication providers to lower their call rates significantly. In addition, FCC also ordered that telephone providers cannot charge add-on fees. For families, it means that they will be able to see a consistent rate in all the US States. These rates are 11 cents a minute, which is less than half the rates charged before the decision of FCC. Still, some analysts claim that 11 cents is above the industry average.

On the other side, two of the most prominent private telecommunication providers, Global Tel Link and Securus Technologies have asked FCC to reconsider the issue. They claim that the high rates are due to the high expense of providing the service. Actually, the federal appeals court has halted orders of rate decrease until they finalize the latest plea from private telecommunication companies. FCC Commissioner Mignon Clyburn is also hopeful that there will be a plausible solution for both sides.

The Keefe Group Is Keeping You Safe

The Keefe Group is a company that is known all around the United States for their inmate security systems. They are leaders when it comes to inmate community communications as well. The Keefe Group is a company that was originally established in 1975, and they have been able to create amazingly advanced solutions for correctional facilities.

The Keefe Group has many systems that are in place for communications in these different establishments. The Keefe Group has an inmate phone system. This is a phone system that is very innovative, it has a call processing platform that allows inmates to make calls, but all of the calls are monitored and recorded. The data from the calls are all combined into one small unit. This a system that is based off of a browser, so it can be accessed from many different computers in the establishment. All of the recording can be retrieved online, and the system comes with automated alerts as well. This phone system has an integrated system that allows for debit prepaid calling options. There are different options when it comes to voice messages, and they offered 24/7 technical support.

The Keefe group also offers Keeptrak software system. This is a system that is made to help inmates when it comes to banking, commissary, and inventory. The system has all of the transactions and the inmate’s financial history enclosed, so the inmate’s account can be easily managed by the staff at the different correctional facilities in the US.

The proceeding was only a list of a few of the technological advancements that Keefe Group has been able to bring to many correctional establishments. The Keefe Group is a well-respected company in United States, because they have been able to simplify the life of correctional staff in many different correctional facilities.


Benefits of Sangamon County’s Video Project to Inmates and their Families

Technology plays a great role in making our lives better and easier. We can use technology to save time and money in our day to day activities. Sangamon County jail administration has decided to embrace and integrate technology to their communication system to make things more efficient.

They announced plans to install video systems in cooperation with IC Solutions. The video system will enable visitors to interact with their loved ones through video chats. Correctional facilities have previously been associated with telephone conversations through thick security windows.

The county is looking forward to making this a thing of the past. The new systems will replace this old system making communication more efficient. Once the IC Solutions systems are fully installed, they are expected to benefit both the correction facility administrators, the inmates, and visitors.

The corrections facilities are expected to benefit from the reduced number of the officers assigned to facilitate efficient visitations. This money that is allocated in running the visitation department is expected to be utilized in other rehabilitation programs.

Inmates’ family and friends are also expected to benefit from the system through reduced journeys to the prisons. The people will save time and money lost in transport charges and time spent in correctional facilities. The inmates are going to benefit from the system by having more time to interact with their loved ones.

Inmates who constantly communicate with their family members remain hopeful as they have something to look up to. This helps in maintaining calmness and good behavior in prisons. This is because such inmates have been confirmed to avoid trouble as that would reduce their chances of parole.

The system, however, has not been free of criticism. The county sheriffs say that the system will only benefit inmates and jail administrators. Other skeptics argue that reduced contact with family is an attempt to replace the inmates’ human contact, which is an essential factor towards rehabilitation.


Taking Advantage Of Families

If you think the phone company that you use charges too much to make a call or accept a collect call, then try using Global Tel-Link. This is a phone system that many jails and prisons across the country use so that inmates can call family and friends. The recipient has to set up an account, paying a fee to put money on the account, and money has to be kept on the account to cover the amount of the call. The rates for the call will vary depending on how close the recipient is to the facility.
The company makes over $500 million a year from people who usually don’t have the money to spend on the expensive calls. However according to, if inmates want to talk to the people they love, then the family has to try to come up with the money. There are families with children who simply want to be able to talk to the parent who is not at home. In order to talk to that parent, the inmate has to call because the commute to the facility is sometimes a long drive. Global Tel is a company that gouges the people who need the communication most. Watch this YouTube video that further explains this move by GTL.